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edit Sniper "pbx4 super" and RPG "AT3-X" in a OP and funny way. Check video for demonstration

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This will edit Sniper "pbx4 super" and RPG "AT3-X" (the best sniper rifle and the best rpg). https://youtu.be/3LHm-8f0Ygs <-


full auto. No recoil. No scatter. High impulse on vehicles. Higher bullet speed. Lowest (almost 0) damage on vehicles, objects and people if not headshot. One-shot if headshot. Infinite ammo. No reload. Secondary shot as default.


full auto. No recoil. No scatter. Infinite ammo. No reload. High impulse. No cooldown. Highest damage.
Primary shot mode: Higher bullet speed. 1 rocket per shot. Instant.
Secondary mode: I made it funny so no instant rockets  (you have already in primary mode instant rockets). No recoil and instant burst shot when pressing secondary shot button. All 4 rockets are shot from higher the player (took me hours to do this).

both weapons have a fire rate of 0.1 this means that even if they're fast but you'll always be able to shot only 1 shot with 1 click. If you lower this value, you'll often show twice with 1 click.


Drop the 2 folders into (Steam\steamapps\common\)Just Cause 4\dropzone\editor\entities\weapons\1_wielded
Create the folders if they doesn't exist.

If your first mod, create exe link to desktop and edit in proprieties: "E:\Steam\steamapps\common\Just Cause 4\JustCause4.exe" %jc4mods% - just add the " %jc4mods%" at the end, with a space at the beginning. You'll be able to use the dropzone mods folder.
More tutorials and mods here: https://justcause4mods.com/

Created with Protatos EasiEdit (you can edit my files if you want to change some value).