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Win amazing prizes in the first Elden Ring Modathon (15 July)

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Attention Elden Ring modders! Community member and YouTuber LeKevDev asked us for a shoutout for his Elden Ring Modathon competition - an event with a prize pool of $1,000. If that peaked your interest, keep on reading to find out how to enter.

A word from event host LeKevDev:

The 2022 Elden Ring Modathon is coming on July 15th, with a total prize pool of $1,000 for 3 event categories (that have yet to be announced), and judged by the likes of modders such as LobosJr, Amir, Zullie the Witch, and myself. 

You can register for the event in my Discord which will also contain all of the rules and regulations. The categories will be announced the day before the Modathon begins on my YouTube, Discord, and the Nexus Mods website. 

Teams are allowed for this competition so grab some friends or make new ones. If you have no modding experience, do not worry. We have a lot of resources available and people are very willing to help. 

I’ll be making a showcase video of all the best submissions along with the competition results on YouTube. I want to see this modding community grow so let’s focus on having fun and learning to make mods for our favorite game.

To enter the event and for your chance to win up to $500:

  1. Join LeKevDev's Discord to register for the event and/or use the tag "ER Modathon 2022" on your mods (the tag will only become available when the event launches, 15 July!)
  2. The mods will be judged by a jury, for more details please refer to the announcements and updates in LeKevDev's Discord server.


We wish all participants and observers all the best! Thank you to LeKevDev for running this event. We're excitedly looking forward to seeing some amazing mods for Elden Ring coming out of this!


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  1. SmoothBrainMonkey
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    From the Discord: 

    "You can register for the event by going to the “roles” channel and react to the Miriel bot to gain the “Elden Ring Modathon 2022 Participant” role.

    When uploading your mod to NexusMods, add the "ERModathon2022" tag to your mod to be eligible for judging."

    Is there any way the Nexus Mods tag alone can be the requirement? Personally, I don't want to register a Discord account for a Nexus Mods event but LeKevDev's Discord server requires that you claim/register your account before you can react or message on the server. 

    EDIT: From Discord's website they, like every other service, collect a lot of data. For me, it's not a matter of trusting or distrusting Discord but a matter of minimizing how much of my personal information is collected in the first place. 
    1. Solbashio
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      need alot more than 1000 to really get people motivated. 5 to 10 minimum
    2. LeKevDev
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      If you just add the tag to your submission you should be good. Dm me your submission as well if you don't feel comfortable with registering your Discord. 
    3. SmoothBrainMonkey
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      You rock! I appreciate you going the extra mile to accommodate my oddball request 
    4. epar7416
      • supporter
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      I might be an idiot, but how do you add tags lol? Just stick #ERModathon2022 in the description?

      Also, are adult mods eligable? Not that I've got many adults mods or anything >_>
    5. mrsirdoe
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      my thoughts exactly. 1000$ total prize pool is nothing. why even bother? 500$ can't even pay my rent
    6. ZLOHORT
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      make mods for yourself or find a job if you need money
  2. GrantLogan23
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    I would pay someone a $1000 myself just to teach me how to make my own mods. If anyone sees this, and knows what they are doing, feel free to reach out to me. Literally train me on discord by sharing your screen and give me a small demonstration on the software and applications I need to create my own stuff. I've been able to mess around with cheat engine, but I want to actually create content. NPCs, armors, weapons, etc.
    1. ZLOHORT
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      • 50 kudos
      Join the discord server "Scrub Milks Barn": https://discord.gg/mT4r8yFTpj
      There you will find all needed software and templates, also if you will be kind - you will find support.

      Or if you are solo player - watch these videos:

      The modding is not so difficult as may seem at the beginning. Yabber and FLVER Editor are enought for basic modding: retextures, hiding meshes, materials swap.

      Actually this guide is sufficient to start modding with custom meshes, but you will need the Blender and BloodborneTools:
    2. SaintMittTikTok
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      i have a ton of very short step videos on youtube to help you with models. scrub has has more specific videos on other things. my channel is SaintMitt
  3. Moksha8088
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    Does the Elden Ring offer some sort of developer's tools for mod creation?  I thought this was purely a Bethesda thing to add years of playability to their games.
    1. JohnsonsStuff
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      A game doesn't need official tools in order to be moddable. For Cyberpunk 2077, all the tools we have are community made.
    2. Velociweaver
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      Most of the tools from modding prior souls games can be used. That said, all the old souls games modding tools are community-made.
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    Will be there any limitations?
    Only non-adult mods or no cosplay mods for example.
  5. Titaniumtengu27
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    Awww Shucks, we all win in the end...all the Playas should come out for this Modding ball.
  6. chall270606
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    very cool
  7. PenelopeJenga
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    Ooooh, this should be interesting. Good luck everyone!
  8. DeathClawDC
    • supporter
    • 32 kudos

    good luck to all