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I just finished completing this game 100% with no any DLC and chose to share my savegame to the community! See description for more details and instructions.

Permissions and credits
Introducing my Savegame
  • All storyline missions completed.
  • All challenges and races completed.
  • All items collected (Ancient Tombs, Daredevil Jumps, Di Ravello Tapes, Rebel Shrines, Vintage Parts).
  • All Gear Mods unlocked.
  • Rebel Drop: all weapons unlocked with maximum ammo.
  • Rebel Drop: all vehicles unlocked.
More info about 100% completion

Installation Instructions
  • First, in Explorer click on "View" on top and enable "Hidden Items".
  • Files must be placed only on C:\Users\%UserName%\Documents\Square Enix\Just Cause 3\Saves\[LongNumber] or [SteamFolder]/steamapps/compdata/225540/pfx
  • If you don't have any DLC bought, delete all your save files (except kepmap.txt) and then paste all 25 files from zip. There must be 26 items in the folder.
  • If you have all the DLCs bought, you simply need to replace the save files with all the 25 files from zip.

If after a while you uninstall the game but you have made progress: don't forget to back up the save files first to Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive, because unfortunately the game does not support Steam Cloud and does not synchronize...

How to unlock Achievements (Steam only)
If it didn't unlock the achievements automatically, try the method below.In order not to spam your activity, I recommend making your Steam profile private for a few days. Almost all achievements unlock in a second using these steps below!

I will use Steam Achievement Manager, opening SAM.Picker and scrolling for Just Cause 3, I clicked this game\third lock open or manually tick which Achievement I want unlocked\Commit Changes.

I would be very happy if i get +rep on my Steam profile if you managed to load the savegame, remember it's not mandatory.