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The Ancient Amphibians Bundle is a modpack that adds 4 new Species and 14 Decorations themed around Paleozoic Amphibians and Swamps to your park!

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Explore what lurks in prehistoric swamps with the Ancient Amphibians Bundle! This modpack brings 4 new species of Amphibians from various periods of the Paleozoic Era. Alongside new excavation dig sites, decorations and a new Indoor Habitat building!



Anthracosaurus: One of the largest amphibians to exist in the Carboniferous, the “Coal Lizard” as its name means, is a deadly Tetrapod animal that paddles through murky waters to catch fish with its robust skull and sharp teeth.

DiplocaulusPerhaps the most iconic Paleozoic Amphibian known, the Diplocaulus is an unusual looking Lepospondyl Amphibian with a boomerang-shaped head. It lived during the Carboniferous and Permian alongside other primitive amphibians and reptiles.

Ichthyostega: This Late Devonian Marvel was one of the first animals to develop strong limbs and actively walk out of the water. Interestingly, Ichthyostega evolved before true Tetrapods appeared on Earth, belonging to a group known as Stegocephali.

Platyhystrix: The most bizarre and exotic looking animal in this modpack, Platyhystrix lived over 300 million years ago, sporting a Synapsid-like body build and a distinctive sail on its back. The use of this sail remains unknown, although it is very eye-catchy for Park guests.



This octagon-shaped Habitat was designed to better house the Amphibians seen in this pack. With glass panels and separate roof & entrance pieces, your park can safely house an indoor exhibit for your primitive amphibians and for your guests to observe! The Habitat is empty for you to decorate inside as you wish, capable of being used for other animals and environments as well.
The Habitat is a 3-piece Decoration that you can find in the “Park” Section of the Decorations Tab, and it is not a functional building.



With a total of 14 new Decorations, Ancient Amphibians brings a variety of Park props to set the perfect Amphibian Exhibits for you! Including the Paleozoic Swamp Habitat Pieces, Educational Stands for all new Species, 2 environment props such as the Algae and a Faux Tree, and even an Anthracosaurus Statue!



  • Hunting Animations are misaligned, a side-effect of New Species Mods;
  • The 4 New Species show a pink icon in their profiles, the Database and Hatchery have their respective Icons however;
  • Diplocaulus and Platyhystrix will have their crest and sail respectively clip through the ground during their Social Animations, a side-effect from Lystrosaurus' Base Rig;
  • Pterosaurs will clip through the Paleozoic Habitat's Roof piece, as I couldn't figure out the proper collision for them;


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[Mod Status: <Working>]
[Latest Update Status: <Normal>]
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[Min Stable Mod Version: <1.0>]