Jurassic World Evolution 2

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brings the jurassic period to you

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Challenge mode quests:
1. Fix the fences and buildings
2. Set up a functioning power source
3. Capture atleast 5 iguanadons and make sure they are atleast 80% comfort
4. Get to 1.5 Stars
5. Capture a carnivore and make sure its comfort is atleast 85%
6. Get to 3 Stars
7. Capture allosaurus and make sure its comfort is 100%
8. Get to 4 Stars
9. Research the Indominus Rex
10. Build a hatchery
11. Grow an Indominus Rex
12. Make sure the Indominus Rex has atleast 80% comfort
13. Get to 5 Stars
14 (FINAL) Capture every dinosaur