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(requires the Cretaceous Dinosaur Pack and ACSE to use) Adds the giant oviraptorosaur, Gigantoraptor to the game as a new species. Read the description for installation details and a quick fix for a known issue.

Permissions and credits
This mod adds a new dinosaur to the game: Gigantoraptor, a gigantic oviraptorosaur from the Late Cretaceous period. It is unlocked on Isla Sorna/4 stars in Challenge Mode, and is based off of the Iguanodon.

This mod requires two things: the Cretaceous Dinosaur Pack and a mod called the Awesome Cobra Script Extender/ACSE. The installation procedure is as follows:

  • Download ACSE/the Awesome Cobra Script Extender from https://github.com/OpenNaja/ACSE/releases, the download link should read 'Awesome.Cobra.Script.Extender.zip'
  • If you didn't already download it to the directory, move the Awesome.Cobra.Script.Extender.zip file to the following directory 'Steam\steamapps\common\Jurassic World Evolution\Win64\ovldata\'
  • Extract the file. If you're using 7Zip, which is what I use for all of this, make sure you click 'Extract Here' instead of any of the other options. If a folder named 'ACSE' appears after you extract the file, you've installed it correctly and you can delete the .zip file (not the folder). If a folder named 'Awesome.Cobra.Script.Extender' appears, delete that folder (not the .zip file, you still need that) and try again.
  • Download this very mod
  • Either drag/drop or copy/paste the 'Gigantorapto' (sic) folder to the following directory: 'steam\steamapps\common\Jurassic World Evolution\Win64\ovldata'  Take care not to drop it into any of the other folders in ovldata, and don't replace anything in the other folders if you don't want a messed up game!
  • If you experience any issues with the Iguanodon, Dreadnoughtus and/or Carcharodontosaurus, download the PDLC2 patch and drop it into the Gigantorapto folder

Depending on how many ACSE-reliant mods you already have installed, you may encounter a strange issue when using the ACSE patch: the Gigantoraptor research icon may overlap with one of the pre-existing icons in the Global Operations menu, making the icon unselectable. To remedy this issue, follow these steps:

  • Right click to leave the Global Operations menu and go back to the base research menu
  • Enter the Fossils menu
  • Right click to leave the Fossils menu
  • Re-enter the Global Operations menu. The icon should now be selectable.

ID: 6163
Known Issues
  • Brachiosaurus icon in map view (this is consistent with all of the other new species added by other modders thus far)
  • A few animations are a tad bit odd; blame the arms and the short face
  • The eyelids/eyes aren't rigged, I don't know if they would look right if they were

If you find any serious issues that aren't acknowledged above, please do report them; the more descriptive the reports the better, "game crashed please help" isn't something I can go off of very well.