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This mod adds a new species Nanotyrannus to the game.

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You need to have a Carnivore dinosaur pack DLC in order to work.


- Requiers ACSE file where you can download here: ACSE File
just drop ACSE File in ovldata where content and NanotyrannuS file are and you are done.
This gives you a research on digsite and collect its fossils to unlock the dino on normal mode of the game.

- Fixed a bit on model mostly head and some UV textures on fingers.

- Other text languages are added for the mod, huge thanks to people who helped me translate for some different languages:

- ITALIAN - blackfrog

- SPANISH - A_Lettuce

Nanotyrannus also known as juvenile T.rex is a highly dubious genus of tyrannosaurid dinosaur. It is the fourth smallest known tyrannosaurid and was one of the last tyrannosaurids to exist before the Cretaceous Teritary Extinction, the K-T mass extinction event.

To add the mod, you simpley copy the file and put it in ovldata where are Content folders.

Model edited and skin made by myself