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Don't click unless you're okay with minor spoilers for Jurassic World: Dominion!

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A while back, images were leaked from the Jurassic World: Dominion film set in Malta; most notable among these images were a pair of dinosaur maquettes. These theropods, including a white scarred one and a brown one with black splotches, have never been seen in the films before. Fans online have fervently speculated as to what they might be- at the time of this writing, I think they're most likely Deinonychus, so that's what I'm going with!

The primary release includes a new model along with a new default skin based off the brown maquette, though there's also a release that uses the base game skins if you'd prefer them. Each comes with their own new InGen Database and Hammond Creation Lab icons, though if you're already using mods that change icons for the base game dinosaurs, injectable versions are offered as well.

Check out the "README" text file included with the download for a guide on how to install!

[UPDATE JUNE 10 2021]
Yesterday another image of the Malta "mystery theropod" (at this point rumored to be either Deinonychus or Atrociraptor) was mistakenly made public via a puzzle set, revealing the design of the creatures in full. While this does render my version outdated, I've made the decision not to update it. The original intention was that this mod would be sort of a time capsule, representing what I thought the Malta dinosaur might be/look like at the time I was working on it. However, as with all my mods, they're free for other mod makers to modify or re-release as they see fit. So if someone else wants to update this to make it more accurate to the final design, they're more than welcome to do so!

[UPDATE JULY 12 2021]
This mod is now a new species, converted by KiwiGamer96!