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This mod gives you the opportunity to change the appearance of the Edmontosaurus to one of four different animals, all made to be accurate to the known fossil record.

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With this simple mod you'll be able to change your in-game Edmontosaurus to one of several different species, several of which being different genera from the starting one.

A full list of the general changes:
- reshaped the head
-remade the neck in posture and muscolature (m. transversospinalis cervicis, trapezius, complexus)
-remade the spine to give the animal a proper posture
-made the animals highier by moving the spine to the hip up for better accuracy
-gave the animals a more erect tail (to the limits the animations allow) to better reflect fossil evidence
-reshaped the Ischium and Pubis to be more accurate
-gave the animals a coracoid bone and a gastralia
-reshaped the beak for each species to be more accurate (including a proper spoon shape)
-gave the animals proper brow ridges

A list of the changes to Edmontosaurus regalis:
-Reshape the head and crest to fit fossil evidence
-remade the beak to be bigger and moved the nostrils and attachment point back along the head
-gave the animal a dewlap

A list of the changes to Edmontosaurus (Anatosaurus) annectens:
-Removed the crest from the head
-elongated the nasal, premaxilla, maxilla, predentary and dentary bones of the head to reflect the fossil evidence for the species
-moved the brow ridges frontally to the snout
-slightly evidence the Ischium and Pubis
-elongated the tail compaed to E. regalis

A list of the changes to Saurolophus osborni:
-Remade the crest on the head
-reshaped the head to a more steep and downward pointing shape, as seen in the fossil record
-remade the neck to be steeper to attach to the more quadrate skull
-slightly adjusted the Ischium and Pubis

A list of the changes to Shantungosaurus giganteus:
-Removed the crest
-reshaped the head to have a more accurate look
-remade the beak to reflect the bulky look it had in life
-made the spine along the sacral area highier
-made the tail a bit bulkier


To install:
-go into your game directory
-copy the files into "Jurassic World Evolution\Win64\ovldata\Content0\Dinosaurs\Edmontosaurus"
-overwrite all

To uninstall:
simply copy and paste in the same directory the original files :)