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I bet you've never heard of this dinosaur... Since it doesn't exist! I went and made up a new dinosaur, bitches.

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Extracting species profile...

With a name meaning "warrior horned face", Baturoceratops was a tough, mountain-dwelling, chasmosaurine ceratopsid. Baturoceratops were rare, but the clash of their gladiatorial contests in the breeding season rang throughout the upland regions. Males jousted and butt violently to secure a harem of females. Their fights were among the most brutal of any ceratopsian species, with frequent fatalities and injuries. Most bulls bared extensive scarring and broken or damaged horn arrays.

Quick Info:
- Baturoceratops replaces the Pentaceratops. A cool dinosaur made slightly cooler... maybe?
- Baturoceratops was NOT a real dinosaur, it's a made-up species. Coming to the realization that every interesting species possible was modded into the game, I was left stuck, and decided to make up my own badass, brand new dinosaur. It follows no real paleontological accuracy, but tries to be viewed as probable, believable, and as natural as possible.
- For a preview of all the skins check out the video attached.

The mod is bug-free as much as I know, please update me on any known issues. The mod includes a skin and a model, and a replacement of the animal's name and icons. ALSO, I included an injectable icon and text files, if you wanna mix it with any other mods. 

- This mod replaces the Pentaceratops. I recommend to back up your original game files prior to installing this mod.  
- For some reason, the original download was empty, now it's fixed!
- If, for whatever reason, the mod makes your game crash as a few people reported, first, back up your files (or download the original game files from this website), and then check if your game is updated to the most recent update (as of SOctober 5, 2020) or if it's a hacked/pirated and outdated version.