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Introduce 3 new exotic and interesting creatures from the Mesozoic era into your parks!

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Deinocheirus was the largest known ornithomimosaur which lived in Late Cretaceous Mongolia. Its name originates from the first fossils of the animal discovered, which were its large arms. 

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Eustreptospondylus was a medium-large sized Late Jurassic nomadic islander predator. Large dinosaurs were rare around the late Jurassic coasts, and at five meters from nose to tail, Eustreptospondylus is the biggest.

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Although It looked like a dinosaur, ran like a dinosaur, and probably fed like a dinosaur too, Effigia was no dinosaur. This herbivorous reptile from the Triassic Age belonged to the same part of the reptile family tree as crocodiles and alligators.

- This mod replaces the Olorotitan, Mujangasaurus, and Dracorex. I recommend to back up your original game files prior to installing this mod.  

- All dinosaurs come with icon and name change. If you're only interested in replacing the models and skins without altering the image or text files of the game, only use the files inside the "Dinosaurs" folders in both of the download parts.

- If, for whatever reason the mod makes your game crash as a few people reported, first, back up your files (or download the original game files from this website), and then check if: 1. your game is updated to the most recent update (as of August 15th, 2020) or if it's a hacked/pirated and outdated version. 2. If none of the issues apply, try adding in the files one by one (starting with the dinosaurs, to UI, to Localised lang files) and check which file made the game crash, and please report back. This is crucial for improving the content!