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Adds the venomous bite of the Troodon to the Dilophosaurus.

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"One of the earliest carnivores, we now know that Dilophosaurus is actually poisonousspitting its venom at its prey, causing blindness, and eventually paralysis, allowing the carnivore to eat at its leisure. This makes Dilophosaurus a beautiful, but deadly, addition to Jurassic Park."


Simply overwrite the main ovldata folder contained within your game files with the one from this mod; only the necessary files will be changed. Backing up your original files beforehand is always a good idea!


This mod should be compatible with any pure model or texture edits; however, mods that make changes to properties like dinosaur stats will likely use the same file. An easy way to tell if any mod is compatible with this one:

  1. Go to the "Files" tab on the mod's page.
  2. Click "Preview file contents."
  3. The mod is not compatible if any files named "Main.ovl" are present, specifically in any of the Content0, ContentPDLC1, ContentPDLC2, etc. folders.


Venomous Compsognathus
As they were in the original novel—although they will only ever attack other members of their own species, and only while overcrowded.

Nonvenomous Troodon
If you dislike Troodon constantly poisoning the other dinosaurs they share an enclosure with, this mod removes the venom from their bite.