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A collection of edits to the Ceratosaurus model, making it more faithful to its real life counterpart; from a longer tail to remade crests.

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With this mod you'll be able to give the Ceratosaurus a more accurate (and in my opinion meaner) look.

A full list of the changes:
-Remade the crests to resemble those of its fossil counterpart
-moved the crests above the eyes forward, making them part of the lacrimal bone instead of having them as an extension of the postorbital
-enlarged the crest structure taking into account keratin growth over the bone
-adjusted the premaxillary bone to have a more quadrate look, similar to the fossil evidence
-adjusted the dentary bone to give the jaw a more quadrate look
-enlarged both the angular and surangular bones of the jaw to coincide with fossil evidence (enlarged jaw muscolature to reflect the changes too)
-removed out-of.place osteoderms (trying to line them up along the body gave animation issues)
-enlarged the thorax to properly reflect the coracoid bone and the gastralia
-adjusted the inclination of the belly to reflect the gastralia
-remade the hip bone (Ischium and Pubis) to better fit the fossil evidence
-Remade the tail in curvature, thickness and length to reflect the real animal; making the tail a proper balancer to the animal as per the theropod body to tail ratio


To install:
-go into your game directory
-copy the files into "Jurassic World Evolution\Win64\ovldata\Content0\Dinosaurs\Ceratosaurus"
-overwrite all

To uninstall:
simply copy and paste in the same directory the original files :)