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As with the first version, Rex Redux 2.0 tries to refine the RTJP Tyrannosaurus skin selection to better approximate the coloring and look of the animals in the films. This version goes for a more naturalistic and "grounded" recoloring than the first version.

Permissions and credits
This skin mod changes the RTJP Tyrannosaurs to better resemble their counterparts in the movies. Version 2.0 goes for a more
“naturalistic” look and offers a skin selection for the tyrannosaurus that works in both the “default” and “Jurassic Park” color grading settings.

UPDATE: The mod now has three versions. Version B replaces the original 1993 RTJP skin with a vivid, scarred version of TLW Buck and provides two alternative JP'93 skins to compensate in the roster. Version A retains the original 1993 RTJP skin and the Buck (sans scars) goes back to the 1997_A slot. Version C is the most conservative and subtle of the mods, making it the most reminiscent of the original RTJP rex roster and offers only subtle revisions to some of the key skins.

Version A

1993:       RTJP Skin [unchanged]
1993_A:   Gray/brown JP '93 inspired
1997:       TLW "Doe"
1997_A:   TLW "Buck"
2001:       JP3 "Bull"
2001_A:   Novel-inspired Rex

Version B

1993:       TLW “Buck”
1993_A:  JP 93 inspired (lighter)
1997:       TLW “Doe”
1997_A:   JP 93 inspired (darker)
2001:       JPIII “Bull"
2001_A:   Novel-inspired Rex

Version C

1993:       RTJP skin [unchanged]
1993_A:  RTJP "1997" skin [blue skin, position in roster changed]
1997:       Revised RTJP 2001 skin
1997_A:   Revised RTJP 1997_A skin
2001:       Changes above skin to better match JP3 "Bull"
2001_A:   RTJP skin [unchanged]

Gydra54, offtherails777, and NikoRex have very kindly allowed me to offer versions of this mod that deploy their (excellent)
mods that change the actual trex model. In the coming days, new versions of this skin mod will be available with these alternate model sets. Thank you again to these modders!

To install: move the included files in the zip into your game's"Win64\ovldata\ContentPDLC6\Dinosaurs\Tyrannosaurus93" folder and
replace. Be sure to back up your files!