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This simply changes the Return to Jurassic Park signs with a more movie canon look.

Permissions and credits
Huge thanks to Prime Geek for allowing me to use his paddock signs mod as a template for this one, aswell as credits to Warpath, DinoArt and Emy for the logos that were used.

This is a fairly simple mod that attempts to improve the diferent signs from the Return to Jurassic Park mod. The list of general changes is the next.

  • The facility signs have been improved, remplacing them with new logos.
  • Although the east dock sign is a nice addition, let's be honest, is not very useful, because of this I remplaced it with something I thought would be fairly more useful,  park drive sign. 
  • Lastly but not less important the paddock signs, with the logos being changed for better silhouettes, like in the case of signs like that of Gallimimus to look more like their movie counterpart. For the signs that are meant to represent a group of dinosaurs the logos been changed to species that have appeared in the movies.

Lis of changes done to the paddock signs

  1. The Gallimimus signs now uses the movie canon silhouette
  2. The Pteranodon sign now has a more recognisable silhouette
  3. The Stegosaurus sign now has a more regonisable silhouette
  4. The Spinosaurus signs has been changed with a silhouette that ressembles more the Jurassic Park 3 Logo
  5. The Corythosaurus sign now uses a silhouette that better represents the one from the game and movies.
  6. The ceratopsians sign now uses a Sinoceratops instead of a Torosaurus
  7. The medium carnivores now use a Carnotaurus instead of a Majungasaurus
  8. The sauropodos sign now uses a Apatosaurus instead of a Diplodocus
  9. Since there are no Iguanodons shown in the movies this sign now is meant to represent hrybrids, remplacing the Iguanodon with a Indominus silhouette
  10. Meanwhile for the Ornithomimid signs you have multiple options to choose from, more infor about this is in the readme txt from the file.