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Introduce three new species of interesting dinosaurs into your parks.

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AGATHAUMAS (updated model available!)

This armored ceratopsian is not a dinosaur you wanna make angry! With spikey brow horns, a long nose horn, and armor on its back, this dinosaur is bullet-proof! A literal tough-nut to crack, if you'd ask a Tyrannosaur.

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This massive titanosaur roamed the forests of China back in the Early Cretaceous period. Though not as big as other members of the family, Borealosaurus was heavily built, beautifully patterned, and is ready to roam in your prehistoric park!

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UTAHRAPTOR (updated model available!)

The biggest, and oldest dromeaosaur to date, Utahraptor was terrifying animal to come across in a dark alley, or a Cretaceous forest.

- This mod replaces the Spinoraptor, Ankylodocus, and Stegoceratops. I recommend to back up your original game files prior to installing this mod.  

- All dinosaurs come with icon and name change. If you're only interested in replacing the models and skins without altering the image or text files of the game, only use the files inside the "Dinosaurs" folders in both of the download parts.

- If, for whatever reason the mod makes your game crash as a few people reported, first, back up your files (or download the original game files from this website), and then check if: 1. your game is updated to the most recent update (as of April 16th, 2020) or if it's a hacked/pirated and outdated version. 2. If none of the issues apply, try adding in the files one by one (starting with the dinosaurs, to UI, to Localised lang files) and check which file made the game crash, and please report back. This is crucial for improving the content! 

- Both the old models for Agathaumas and Utahraptor still exist. Pay attention that the old Utahraptor is still part of PART 1, and a bonus download is required in order to replace it.