About this mod

A texture pack featuring dinosaur skins for Jurassic World Evolution inspired by Jurassic Park Operation Genesis

Permissions and credits

A texture pack featuring dinosaur skins for Jurassic World Evolution inspired by Jurassic Park Operation Genesis

Whats Included?
The initial plan is to make a selection of 8 dinosaurs. After that I'll see how it goes. I might get round to make most of all the skins. Including the ones not in JWE. For example, giving Archaeornithomimus the Dryosaurus skin, or Dracorex the Homalocephale skin.

Dinosaurs that are included so far:



Dinosaurs currently being worked on:


I've added an optional file that gives the Velociraptor slit pupils, instead of round pupils, in case you prefer either.

You will need the Jurassic World Evolution Modkit in order for this to work. You can download it here:

You must first install the Jurassic World Evolution Modkit. You can follow the install in the link above. There is also a video on how to install in the 'videos' section, but for a quick recap:

1. Follow the link under requirements, click releases near the top, then click Release03.zip
2. Once downloaded, extract the files to your Jurassic World Evolution folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Jurassic World Evolution
to be clear. do NOT jsut put release03 into the folder, you need to take the files out of the release03 folder and put them in the JWE directory.
3. When in game hold SHIFT and press F2 to bring up the menu, under the dinosaurs tab you can see where your dinosaur skins are (tip: change the key to open reshade under settings. I use the home key, as F2 launches the INGEN Database too)
4. To install the skins from this pack, simply drop the .JWEMS/.PNG files in the skins folder now located in your Jurassic World Evolution directory
5. If updating, overwrite any files that it asks

Delete the skins and modkit files from your JWE folder.

Only 1 skin per species can be loaded at a time

Change Log
-Added Torosaurus
-Added Kentrosaurus

-Added Triceratops
-Added Ankylosaurus
-Added Styracosaurus

-Added Carcharodontosaurus

-Added Corythosaurus
-Added Stegosaurus
-Updated the T-Rex. Darkened the green and yellow under belly. Made the eye look less toylike. Made the mouth less pink
-Updated Brachiosaurus. Made the skin more grey and the crest brighter, closer to the JPOG version
-Fixed Velociraptor having wrong pupil
-Fixed Brachiosaurus not working

- Added Brachiosaurus
- Added Allosaurus
- Fixed a Seam on the camrasaurus chin

- Added Tyrannosaurus
- Updated Camarasaurus skin. Added a lighter under belly, closer to the JPOG version and fixed the bright orange toes
- Minor Update to Velociraptor skin. Darkened the stripes slightly and lightened the skin. Added optional Slit eye in download section

- Added Velociraptor

- Initial Release

Known Bugs
-When the skin gets wet from rain, it can turn quite funky. This effect cannot be fixed as of now

Thanks to
Pathos0925 for the modkit
id-daemon for the .OVL Extractor
Universal Studios and Frontier Developments for creating Jurassic World evolution
Blue Tongue Entertainmentfor creating Jurassic Park Operation Genesis