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A texture pack featuring dinosaur skins for Jurassic World Evolution inspired by Jurassic Park Operation Genesis

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A texture pack featuring dinosaur skins for Jurassic World Evolution inspired by Jurassic Park Operation Genesis. I will be releasing the dinosaurs seperately as I go, and then into smaller packs when they're finished

drop 'ovldata' folder inside the Win64 folder located inside your JWE main directorym usually here
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Jurassic World Evolution\Win64

How to add these skins to existing model edits

If you have an existing mod from here that edits the models of the dinosaurs that are reskinned by this mod, here is a guide on how to get them to work together. Please be aware this is for people a bit more skilled with editing game files, So I shall make it as simple as possible. As always BACK UP YOUR FILES:

  • First, to keep things clean and easy, create a nice new folder somewhere to save stuff to. Call it whatever you fancy.
  • Download this: https://github.com/OpenNaja/cobra-tools/releases. This is the tool used to open and save JWE files. You need to download 'cobra-tools.zip'
  • You will need to follow the instructions on how to set this up as well. This requires downloading and installing python 3.6 and then launching 'cmd' and running the tools that the readme mentions.
  • Download the optional file called 'JPOG PNGs'
  • You should now have your nice clean folder with these saved inside (or wherever you saved them)
  • Extract both these with whatever .zip opening software you use.
  • Open the cobra-tools folder and run 'ovl_tool_gui'
  • Assuming you already installed a model edit of a dinosaur, navigate to the installed dinosaur folder and open the .OVL. Do this by clicking 'File/Open'. You should already know the location of the dinosaur you want to add a skin to, as you should have installed it already. If you haven't, I suggest going and installing one first.
  • After you have opened the file, you should now see the name in the cobra-tools window, such as 'Acrocanthosaurus.OVL'
  • with that open, go to 'edit' and then click 'inject'
  • Now, navigate to the 'JPOG PNGs' folder you downloaded and select the corrosponding dinosaur file. So for example, you would open the Acrocanthosaurus folder and double click 'acrocanthosaurus.pbasediffusetexture.png'
  • once you have done this, you can now go to 'file\save' and then save over the original file you just opened. (remember, back up files first)
  • Done

Here is an example of my JPOG skins on MrTroodon1's model edits, which I highly recommend using instead of vanilla JWE models