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Replaces the disgusting base-game model with an overhauled redesign inspired by the unused Giganotosaurus concept art made for the Playstation/Sega Saturn game.

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This mod replaces the ugly design of the base-game Giganotosaurus with an extensive redesign inspired by the concept art drawn by Miles Teves (Robocop, Batman & Robin, Spider-Man) for The Lost World: Jurassic Park video game that released for the original Playstation, as well as the Sega Saturn.
The changes I've made are extensive; so much so that a list would be a better way of, well, listing it all.  So what I did was:
  1. Completely reshaped the skull and jaw to match the concept art within reason
  2. Thickened the spikes along the back, spacing them out more, and tapering them off halfway down the tail
  3. Puffed out the breast area to define the neck better
  4. Filled out the back of the neck to give it an S-shape similar to the art
  5. Reshaped the upper row of teeth to match the concept art
  6. Added a curve in the spine to bring out the hip, as well as to make the back less round
  7. Sculpted brand new normals to give the dinosaur a more JP-esque appearance
  8. Made new textures inspired by the concept art (with liberties taken)
  9. Tweaked the fgms to make the cosmetics better match the biomes they're supposed to represent
This was the most work I've done for a mod yet, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I hated trying to take pictures for it!