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This adds the 6th new species I have made, Neovenator salerii to the game as a new species. Skin inspiration by Fred Wierum & John Sibbick. Skin artist(s): Myself & GameVideosforLife.

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Neovenator salerii

A theropod from the Isle of Wight, this dinosaur is one of the earliest apex predators of the Early Cretaceous setting. It co-existed alongside familiar and iconic faces like Baryonyx walkeri and Iguanodon bernissartensis. It looked vaguely similar to other carnosaurs like Allosaurus and Metriacanthosaurus by having three fingers, and sharp blade-like teeth. But there are notable anatomical differences that set it apart. I hope you enjoy this new species.


Social: 1-5 (Does not pack)
Population: 1-28

Grassland: 7300
Forest: 16400
Wetland: 5000

Unlock (Campaign/Challenge): Immediately after one Research Center is placed. Unlock more islands to obtain the rest of its genome.