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This mod adds a new species into the game: Camarillasaurus!

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Camarillasaurus New Species
Jurassic Park Institute...Pack?

A while ago I announced a new modpack I was making, inspired by the old designs of the Jurassic Park Institute page. But Sadly, things have changed a little bit...

Now, I'll be releasing some of the creatures planned for the pack individually, mainly because sadly I'm not capable of making some of the creatures I had planed. Obviously I have time to learn how to use the tools I have, so maybe I will be able to do them, but not right now. And because I don't want to delay this more (Mainly because of JWE2 coming this november), so here you have the first pass of this series of creatures, Camarillasaurus!

Yeah yeah, now you are probably wondering... Why Camarillasaurus if it wasn't in Jurassic Park Institute?
Originally, this creature wasn't goint to be what it is now. It was going to be a hybrid with a completely different pattern. But then, the community suggested me to change the creature to Camarillasaurus, and use the Baryonyx's JPI Pattern for it. In this way, we not only can have a really small member of Spinosauridae, but also have the Jurassic Park Institute Baryonyx represented in the game! Isn't that great?! 
The mod also includes the Camarillas Formation, in Teruel, Spain. Here, you will be able to send expeditions to unlock the new creature.

Jurassic Park Institute Baryonyx which the skin is based on.

Details and Installation 

WARNING: There's a bug that some people seem to have, where the creature may Crash when released of the hatchery. Some people have this problem, others don't. Use it at your own risk.

This mod requieres ASCE 1.1 to work:

For research, this dinosaur is located in the "Medical Treatment" tab. For campaign, you will need to unlock it on Isla Muerta, with the Security missions.

DLCs Required:
  • Carnivores Dinosaur Pack

Species IDs:
  • Camarillasaurus: 20122 (Codename: CRL)

¿How do I install this mod?
  1. Make sure that you do a security copy or backup of your save files before installing.
  2. Go to your Steam Installation folder.
  3. Follow this route: Steam\steamapps\common\Jurassic World Evolution\Win64\ovldata\
  4. Install the ACSE 1.1 (Awesome Cobra Script Extender latest version) mod to have more slots for your modded dinos.
  5. Drag the folder called "Camarillasau" from the provided .zip file you have downloaded to the folder "ovldata".
  6. Done! Now you just need to open the game and release your new creature!