Jurassic World Evolution

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A large modpack that adds new dinosaurs, cosmetics aswell and remakes for the game default species. The mod will be progressively updated with new content.

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  • Inititial release.

New Dinosaurs

  • Einiosaurus - Skin and icon inspired by the Jurassic Park Institute design.
  • Megalosaurus
  • Megaraptor - Null and Coastal being based of the Warpath designs for Megaraptor.
  • Scorpios/Scorpius Rex - its stress levels are abive 100%, you WILL need to use  stress genes to contain it. Indominus and Iraptor now also require Scorpius to have been researched previously, it is also now the earliest hybrid you will unlock on both campaign and challenge.

Also only scorp needs research to be unlocked, the other dinos should auto unlock based of your park rating/island.

New Cosmetics

  • 2018 Demon Carnotaurus - Added a new research item to unlock this cosmetic aswell as upcoming ones (Fallen Kingdom research item)


The files are installed like any other mod that adds new content, unpack the zip file into your ovldata directory. Remember they require the dlc to be functional.

For more updates and previews about this mod and others be sure to follow us on discord.

You can subscribe to my youtube channel to stay tuned for video showcases of this and other mods.