Jurassic World Evolution

About this mod

A large modpack that adds new dinosaurs, cosmetics aswell and remakes for the game default species. The mod will be progressively updated with new content.

Permissions and credits
Mod Content

  • Behavior and Stats mod (This file is optional)

Quick overview.

This is an improved and STANDALONE version of my previous behavior and stats mod, this means it contains most of its features, although some thing such as stats have changed and added some extra stuff.

Some of the aspects this file edit are the next ones.

  • Makes large carnivores able to socialize
  • Revamps the stats of all non hybrid dinosaurs. This goes from social to habitat stats. As an example Tyrannosaurus can now live on pairs by default
  • makes some improvements to how dinosaurs herd (they stick closer for example)
  • Changes prices and rating for all non hybrid dinosaurs
  • Small dinosaurs like raptors cant hunt hadrosaurs anymore
  • Medium carnivores wont pick fights nor hunt dinosaurs they realistically wouldnt mess with
  • Suchomimus and Baryonyx can live on the same habitat without problems
  • Most dinosaurs are harder to contain. The stress levels are higher for most aswell as the damage they do, this mean they cane break walls more easy.
  • Dinosaurs can run for larger distances. This makes them harder to catch in case of an escape
  • Carnivores hunt less with the exeption of indominus and indoraptor (And of course the scorpius)
  • Herbivores arent push overs
  • Iguanodon can now fight all carnivores with the exeption of Indominus
  • The amount of gene modifications you can add to dinosaurs has been increased to the max

  • Modpack 02

New Dinosaurs

  • Einiosaurus - Skin and icon inspired by the "Jurassic Park Institute" design.
  • Megalosaurus
  • Megaraptor - Null and Coastal being based of the "Jurassic Park Warpath" designs for Megaraptor.
  • Scorpios/Scorpius Rex - its stress levels are abive 100%, you WILL need to use  stress genes to contain it. Indominus and Iraptor now also require Scorpius to have been researched previously, it is also now the earliest hybrid you will unlock on both campaign and challenge.
Other Changes.

  • Edits the other hybrid overall stats aswell as research to match that of the Scorpius aswell as the "Behavior and Stats" file. This means all hybrids prices and rating have been increased, exhibit requirements are diferent aswell as other changes

Also only scorp needs research to be unlocked, the other dinos should auto unlock based of your park rating/island.

New Cosmetics

  • 2018 Demon Carnotaurus - Unlocked through the "Fallen Kingdom" research item added by my "MrTroodon Expanded Research Items"

  • Modpack 04

New Dinosaurs

  • Hadrosaurus
  • Saichania
  • Tarbosaurus - First pattern being based of the "Jurassic Park Institute" design.

  • Modpack 05

New Dinosaurs

  • Cryolophosaurus - Skin based of the "Jurassic Park Warpath" game
  • Postosuchus
New Cosmetics

  • 1997 Allosaurus "Allosaurus Fragilis" - Unlocked through digsites like if it was a new specie. Design is based of "The Lost World Jurassic Park" game for the ps1, while the secondary pattern is based of the Kenner figure of that time.

  • Remakes

  • Acrocanthosaurus - Textures based of JPOG and Warpath, the model is simply more accurate
  • Allosaurus - Design based of Battle at Big Rock, although with some changes
  • Apatosaurus - Now much closer to how it looks in the movies
  • Brachiosaurus (JW Era) - Now has the design seen in Fallen Kingdom
  • Carnotaurus - Now has a design based of the Fallen Kingdom
  • Chungkingosaurus - More accurate model and new diffuse textures
  • Diplodocus - Texture Based of Jurassic Park Institute with a couple of changes, the model is simply more accurate
  • Dreadnoughtus - Now ressembles more the design seen in the preview of Jurassic World Dominion
  • Giganotosaurus - My take on an "InGen" close of it with skins based of the Warpath videogame
  • Indominus Rex - Details have been enchanced. Has a totally new second texture
  • Metriacanthosaurus - Design is closer to the JW site
  • Nigersaurus - Model is simply more accurate
  • Ouranosaurus - Design now has the "Camp Cretacous" model with JPOG and JP Institute textures.
  • Struthiomimus - More accurate model and better roughness map
  • Pentaceratops - More accurate model and new diffuse textures
  • MRTR File - Simply adds extra variants. At the moment only adds 3 new skins to giga aswell as a Camp Cretacous skin for brachio.
  • Camp Cretacous Ouranosaurus

  • Ouranosaurus - Obiously has the "Camp Cretacous" design. Threated as a new cosmetic rather than a remake.

  • Ultimasaurus (Credits to Harlequinz Eg0 for making it standalone)
  •  Ultimasaurus- Requires Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops DNA to be unlocked. Although stronger than Indominus is fairly more social and wont hunt as much. The alternate pattern is based of the "Night Hunter" version of the Ultimasaurus from Kenner, the jungle variant would be the "null" skin that uses this texture.
  • NOTE. I do NOT endorse or aprove the use of this or any of my work to be used in those cllickbait videos that are the equivalent of youtube kids of the jurassic/palaeo community. I think they are a HUGE mockery to the hard efforts modders put into their work.


The files are installed like any other mod that adds new content, unpack the zip file into your ovldata directory. Remember they require the dlc to be functional. In the case of the remakes just let them override the default files.

For more updates and previews about this mod and others be sure to follow us on discord.

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