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Welcome the towering Seismosaurus to your parks! Seismosaurus is the longest sauropod in the game! This sauropod will prove your park management skills, seismosaurus has a wild temper, be sure to contain it well! You can find the Seismic Lizard in a new dig site, more info in the INGEN Database!

Permissions and credits
LAS Seismosaurus Hallorum 
( Requires Latest ACSE and Dr.Wu DLC )

Once thought to be a separate species, scientists now have ruled Seismosaurus to be a larger cousin of Diplodocus. To suit this finding, we have dubbed our Seismosaurus, “Hallorum” in reference to it being a form of Diplodocus. 
Seismosaurus preferes large open plains, with a low forest requirement. Make sure to give it a large pool of water as well, as these creatures would have needed them to drink and cool off in.

 -- LA Studios: --

Ario203ITA: File Work, Bug Fixes and Research Icons
Leviathan: Model, Stats and Skin Design
Mecha: Sounds, Icons, Stats and Ingame Descriptions

For more of our work check out our discord. We post early releases for bug testing, progress of mods and a species roadmap is also included! 
 - https://discord.gg/zzk2krbFSK -