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Greetings everyone and welcome to SpinoMGA 2.0, a spiritual successor to Spinosaurus made great again!

This mod aims to improve the Spinosaurus, making it more scientifically accurate, more fabulous, and all that without removing the JPIII spino from the game!

Og spino is added back as a Spinosaurus and Suchomimus hybrid!

Permissions and credits
SpinoMGA 2.0
(Spinosaurus Made Great Again 2.0)

Main features:

Complete revamp of the Spinosaurus: From heads to tails (literally), the model and texture of the spinosaurus have been completely overhauled!

JPIII Spinosaurus as a hybrid:
Now you can have both the paleo accurate Spino and the Monster of Isla Sorna roaming around your parks!

New Icons and lore: To help you IMMERSE yourself even more in the world of Jurassic.... ekhm... world!

Bugs: There are some probably, but who cares if you can get more Spinosaurus!

Well, few people were asking for me to make my Spino non-replacement, and so I did! Probably that's not what they meant, but hey! Both spinos are in the game, so I guess that's a win, right!

This mod uses ACSE (initial release because I don't have Claire DLC):