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It's Deinocheirus!

Hereby I present to you, the majestic Deinocheirus, and how it would probably look if it was an Ingen creation (not 100% accurate, pronated hands and no feathers).

Most likely not compatible with other Deinocheirus mods.

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Important note: this mod works with the INITIAL RELEASE of ACSE (maybe I'll update it later for the newest release:


Ladies and Gentlemen, we are pleased to welcome a Deinocheirus to the park!

What this mod does should be quite obvious. It adds Deinocheirus to the game, and in a way that does not feel alien, by which I mean that I tried to replicate the feel of Ingen dinosaurs as much as I could, so it will fit nicely into your parks and feel like an integral part of the game! 
In reality, however, I was too lazy to make a feathered and more accurate variant, but I would love to try and do that in the future when I have more time. Because work exists, unfortunately.

Possibly requires Secrets of Dr Wu and Cretaceous dino pack.