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Introduce three unique looking herbivores into your parks: Breviparopus, Kosmoceratops, and Guaibasaurus in this brand new pack!

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Breviparopus is a genus of a brachiosauridae sauropod from the Early Cretaceous of North Africa. While only known from a fossilized footprint, also known as a trace fossil, Breviparopus is estimated to be one of the largest and tallest dinosaurs to ever walk the earth.

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Kosmoceratops is a genus of chasmosaurine dinosaur from the Late Cretaceous Utah, where it shared its habitat with dinosaurs like Nasutoceratops and Teratophoneus. Unlike its ceratopsid relatives, paleontologists think it is more likely that Kosmoceratops used their unique ornamented frills to try to attract possible mates.

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Guaibasaurus is a genus of guaibasauridae dinosaur, an ancient group of prosauropods that may have resembled theropods, but evolved into giants, like Diplodocus and Mamenchisaurus. Unlike its much later relatives, Guaibasaurus was capable of moving bipedally, maybe even in high speed. Reaching 2-3 meters in length, it was a herbivore, and might even been an omnivore.


Important Information:
-This mod requires ACSE, as well as the Secrets of Dr. Wu, Carnivore Dinosaur Pack and Creatceous Dinosaur Pack. It won't work without 'em.
To install ACSE, download it from this link, and place the ACSE folder in your ovldata folder, alongside Content0, and the other DLCs and new species, and that's it. Without ASCE, you won't be able to play the campaign or challenge mode as long as this mod is installed. Sandbox works just fine without it.
For modders only: species IDs are
Kosmo 2721
Brevi 2722
Guai 2723

Translations available:
- US and UK English

Known bugs:
- Remember the iconic demon tongue? Its cousin, demon right foot wanna play too. Kosmoceratops has a weird stretch glitch from a far distance. Not a huge issue, but something that I'm still not sure how to get rid of nicely. 
- Other than that, nothing much, the standard; brachiosaurus icon for the map view, weird hunting animations, yada yada, you know the drill

also, check me out on YouTube, for a complete showcasing of the mod,
as well as other cool behind-the-scenes and gaming videos:

meme by some guy named joseba, idk who that is