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Adds Protoceratops to the game as an additional species. Herbivore dinosaur pack is require. Secrets of Dr Wu DLC is also require for ACSE to work properly

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Please, dont' forget to always backup your files before installing any mods.

Update 2 : Patch security mission crash issue

Here is an update for the security mission crash issue ! It should do the trick and hopefully your game should be fine now ! :) 


Update 1 : Patch for a little mistake I made !
Just a little update, I simply removed the others dinos in the fdb ! 

Hi everyone ! :)

So, Protoceratops was one of my favorite dinosaur when I was younger ! I think this famous combat scene between a Protoceratops and Velociraptor inspired me a lot ! So I go full tryhard on that mods since a long time now and I finally did it ! Even if I know he is not perfect, I hope you will enjoy it as much I enjoy working on it !! :)

The animation isn't always perfect (especially the running animation, little glitchy in the front leg) and the sound doesn't fit very well this little ceratopsian ! But I guess it's a work in progress and for some things we can't do much yet ! For those who are interested and wonder, I used the Homalocephale as a base model. I get inspired by the Lystrosaurus mod from Putito777 and I give it a try ! After many failure attempts, some screaming nightmares beast, I finally get this result ! :D

For now, on the languages loc is in english but I already had the family in the ingen data this time !
Requirements :
This mod require The Herbivore Dinosaur Pack DLC. This mod also use ACSE and Protoceratops can be researched and you can dig fossils in the Nemegt Formation  ! Secrets of Dr Wu DLC is require for ACSE to work properly.

You can download ACSE here :
Drag and drop the ACSE file, after unzipped it, in the ovldata file


Please, dont' forget to always backup your files before installing any mods.