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Contains savegames of a playthrough on the Deluxe Edition, of any single island finished and one where everything is done and unlocked, but all islands are wiped out for a fresh park.

I'll continuely update it for DLCs, but don't expect that I will be playing this in a hassle just to update my savegames. :P

Permissions and credits
This mod contains 6 savegames of a complete playthrough of JWE.
The savegames are played on the Deluxe Edition (no pre-order) of the game!
They may be incompatible with other versions.

The last savegame is one where everything is unlocked and all islands are wiped out, so the player can build a new park on the island of his / her choice, without fearing money or sabotages (as there is enough money and a high standing left from the previous park).

Please check the changelog in the changelog tab or simply click here.


Be sure to deactivate your Steam Cloud, otherwise my savegames won't find it's way ingame:

Now if that's done, go to the following path on your computer:

C: \ Users \ <Your username> \ Saved Games \ Frontier Developments \ Jurassic World Evolution \ <Your SteamID> \ Saves

Be sure to make a backup copy of any content located in your "Saves" folder. I don't take any responsibility for lost files
Especially: When you already unlocked the challenge skins on your own, DO NOT USE MY "PLAYER" FILE! As you will overwrite your completion times with mine. The savegames themself should be compatible with your "PLAYER" file.
Now move all the files in the "Saves" folder from the archive into the "Saves" folder on your hard drive or simply replace the "Saves" folder on your hard drive with the one in the archive.

Current content:
To use the main save file, you need to have the following DLCs active:
  • Jurassic World Evolution: Return to Jurassic Park
  • Jurassic World Evolution: Raptor Squad Skin Collection
  • Jurassic World Evolution: Herbivore Dinosaur Pack
  • Jurassic World Evolution: Claire's Sanctuary
  • Jurassic World Evolution: Carnivore Dinosaur Pack
  • Jurassic World Evolution: Cretaceous Dinosaur Pack
  • Jurassic World Evolution: Secrets of Dr Wu
  • Jurassic World Evolution - Deluxe DLC (is included in the Deluxe Edition, needs to be bought extra if you haven't the Deluxe Edition)

Description of initial upload:
The following save files are available in the archive:

1.) Matanceros
Despite my initial believe, I totally forgot that I favoured Security on that island. I mostly gone with Science on the other ones.
As with most parks where I had to do missions and gather ratings, reputation, I mostly focused on quickly building it up, completely letting the micro-management out (changing food on fast food stands or the items sold on gift shops).
Yet it was fairly enough for 5 stars:

I started with herbivores in that enclosure on the bottom, but ended up having 3 Ceratosaur inside.

2.) Muerta
Alright, so at Muerta, I started to favour the Science division. At least on the end. I started with security, over entertainment to science. So the geeks sabotaged me the most, which is pretty awkward.
Anyways, after all it ended as it had to: With a good working park. ;)
This island introduced storms (low level), which were able to destroy buildings, but at least not that bad as with heavy storms.
As I unlocked the monorails on this one, it's the first island with such transport devices, but I made sure to have it on any following. :)

This one was tricky, as you start with -950,000$ and need to get out of the red numbers to even start. I switched between islands to save money and gather money from digsites and sold some existing starting buildings to get something additional.
With the first 400,000 I built a fossil center to be able to sell all fossils I already got and make additional profit. The good thing about this island is, that it doesn't has any storms.
After a while I had enough money to make an enclosure and release a dinosaur to finally start making profit. After that all went well:
The biggest enclosure contains various sauropods together with a T-Rex and some Velociraptors. The carnivores don't attack the giant herbivores, at least the regular ones. Not speaking about the hybrid specimen here. ;)

4.) Pena
This one sucked! Almost NO room for anything, heavy storms and some wicked missions. When the first tornado came, I gasped. It was nicely animated and I even forgot to sound the alarm so guests seek shelters. Then I got mad as it simply "target" fences, buildings like the tornado knew there was something to destroy. XD
The end was tricky, as the 5 star rating is very jumpy. But that also depends on my bad building style for not even bothering about the whishes of guests. There was simply no time to do it nice. :/
The stars jump between 4.5 and 5 wildly. I still consider it as "completed":
Only 2 enclosures. With enough time and not already pre-built buildings, there may be room for more. But that did it.

5.) Sorna
Isla Sorna had a pretty wicked science mission. You had to put various dinosaurs into one and the same enclosure for 5 minutes. I was told that it was allowed getting some of these killed, but I did it the hard way by not losing any of these (neither the carnivore which was happy to hunt some of the herbivores).
So this was the hardest part of this island, beside of either having heavy storms that destroy stuff from time to time.
Yet 5 stars were easy after the initial struggle:
My parks are actually pretty unsafe, as I have a main power station area and many pylons going over the island. Storms can easly cut off the support for a whole area. But I didn't want to waste time and money for own power station in various areas.
At this point, all park-relevant stuff is unlocked. Only a few InGen database entries are missing.

6.) Destruction
This savegame is special. As it has ALL InGen database entries unlocked and NOT A SINLGE park is running on any island (I sold every single bit of them).
So you can build your own park using the money and reputation I previously achieved by my parks from my other savegames.
You may see some lonely goat wandering around if they don't despawn after a while: