Jurassic World Evolution
even JWE2 is now dead

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heyo, its the one. the only. ErikDaBaconator. no, i'm not here to make mods for this game again (probably because i do not have enough brain cells to make functioning new species)
i'm here to say that the jwe2 modding community is basically dead, with only a select amount of modders and the cobra tools devs who continue to work on the game.
also, im impressed that people are still here lol


  1. JW2019MK
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    Yeah, the Biosyn update broke remodels.
  2. TheConGaminator
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    L take >:>
  3. geenadavisrules
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    Suck on my balls Baconator~~~~~8======D
  4. Greenblyat
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    Workin' on some overhauls to some stuff, but won't have much to show. You'd think Frontier would be like.."Heeey..maybe Skyrim (and other popular games) stick around so long because they have a strong modding community?" 

    But nope, make it as hard as possible, update it to break people's hard work, etc. Works great! Personally not buying JWE2 until it's done and buried for us lowly crab to rip apart. 
  5. Molga87
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    Yeah, I think people jumped the gun when it came to modding JWE2. I assume it will become more lively once official support ends for it though.
  6. NetRaptor
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    Wouldn't be surprised if JWE2 stayed dead to be honest. I'm just gonna carry on doing my reworks here and see how things look after.
  7. DroidCommander2712
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    Well, that's what happens when the entire way of modding breaks from a single update, kinda makes people not want to make mods after a while.