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ill Triceratops lock on dying - IDEA

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I think it will be cool making Triceratops special edition "gray ill Edition" like from JP film. Is it posiible to make it as a new species and when we starve him he go and lie down when dying after some time. Then coud be possible to lock dying effect on 1% of health? I think that coud be very nice when accualy he dont die at all... what do You think guys? Best to you all.


  1. blackletter6
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    For me, I've been wanting "scenery items" That are dinosaurs constantly sleeping to have some sort of nest or something. 
  2. Davianortis
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    seems abusive
    1. Apatosaurus93
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      and thats why i want it.
  3. crypticdinosaur69
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    a new scenery idem would be better
  4. AUB14497
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    i think this is not necessary at all. however i think the die by ageing animation should'be improved. instead of going full ragdoll mode the animal should separate from the heard or go into forest and peacefully rest and then die.
  5. Tinygamer2003
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    I'm gonna be honest... that sounds evil :(