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Skyrim Mod Sanctuary 69 : Armor of Intrigue and Skyforge Weapons

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  1. derhumnitwit
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    I completely resolved my question when I read this post, thanks to the author for the very detailed description. I wrote my review on the https://ukbestessays.org/ukessays-com-review/, you can go in and read. Thank you very much for your attention in your time.
  2. slash086
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    Hi Gopher

    I have been enjoying you YouTube videos over the last 12 months. you have help me to go from not having a clue how to run mods to enjoying skyrim with all its modified glory.

    However I have come across an issue after buying Skyrim Legendary Edition. some of the mods I was using were not compatible and caused the game to crash. its hard to know what mods will or will not work. would it be possible for you to do a small series of videos showing what mods will work with Legendary edition starting with graphics up dates i.e. lighting and textures to get the game looking great again. I know I can use trial and error as iam doing now one mod at a time. However I forget the load order some times and that dose not help.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my request. keep up the good work and thanks again for showing and explaining mods so wall
    1. AlexVan
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      Slash, Legendary Edition should have all the DLC's right? Well all of those mods you currently have keep, now what most people that get the mods like you are doing. If your using NMM right, all the newer mods will be shown at the bottom of the load order if your using it. Also, if you have SkyUI that is a +.

      I know what I say isn't much of what you already do but perhaps it can help out somewhat.

      I have all the DLC's and got them as they came out. Most of the mods for the DLC's can get tricky, I know.. x.x I've had my fair share of testing out mods..and when I mean testing out I mean downloading 10+ at a time and then doing it. It happens when I get carried away with armor mods. ^w^ Always so many different kinds of armor I never know what to choose. ^^; So always need to be careful because some mods conflict, interject into another mod and it can cause it to CTD and then your DOOMED. xD Hopefully not though..

      I recommend using TES5 Edit. Its on Nexus. Download manually. There is a guide on Youtube to see how to use it, actually, Gopher did a little video about it that showed how to use it. NEVER DELETE THINGS FROM THE MODS. Telling you that now.

      Also, BOSS is another good program to check, shows what mods will CTD and what ones will work.
    2. whismerhill
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      and don't forget to reorder your unrecognised mods with BOSS user rules or BUM
  3. SurrealFiction
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    Definitely is spelt incorrectly in the description. De-finite-ly.
    1. whismerhill
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      hahaha I just learnt that definitely is the most commonly misspelled word in english xD
      fun facts ^^
  4. Arcane51388
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    Why do we only ever see reviews on hot-file mods? Don't get me wrong, these mods are very good. But chances are someone has done a video on these mods. So many other good mods out there that are not getting the attention they deserve.
    1. gulogulo
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      Indeed! Whats the point of showing something that can easily be found?! The series should cover hidden gems that rot in darkness!
    2. Gopher
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      I am sorry but that is simply untrue. Many of the mods I have showcased in this series have been several months old (in fact the good majority of them) as many mods require months of play before they can be reviewed correctly. Recently I may have tended to cover new and popular mods, but that is mostly down to having been on a break from playing Skyrim for a month and so my exposure to mods has tended to be the ones I spot and can test out quickly (armor, weapons etc).

      However if there are mods you think did not get the exposure they require, send me a message on YouTube with details. Well over half the 'hidden gem' type mods I have covered came from such suggestions.
  5. immortalknight00000
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    When the heck is this mod actually coming out? has this actually been answered?
  6. MnNwr
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    <immaturecomment> Hurr durr 69 lol </immaturecomment>

    Great pick of mods, I really like the Armour of Intrigue very much and am looking forward to use it in my playthrough. The only thing that bothers me - but this is for smithing in general - is that you need the steel smithing perk, which is pretty much slightly a pointless waste of perk points for light armoured characters.
  7. sunhawken
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    Mods are something else. 
  8. yzerman19
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    Thank you for showing what Skyforge Weapons does. I was not sure what exactly it was...now, it is like INSTADL!
  9. ElwoodCityDestroyer
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    you dint even try
  10. sirchet
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    Great job Gopher!

    I watch all of your videos as the come out.

    You're videos are a boon to those of us trying to decide which mod to add and not wanting to download them to pick the right ones.