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Dredd Vs. Death: Resyked Edition is a complete graphical overhaul which introduces dozens of new post-processing effects and intends to replicate a modern 'remastered' look on this forgotten classic. Includes direct links to tools to upscale the game to true 4K Widescreen & a Direct-X 8 Support Patch for ReShade. Target = 60FPS at 4K.

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List of Changes:

Adds true HDR support to the Lighting System. Shadows can be pitch black, the brightest points are values beyond the base games.

Introduces SSR [Screen Space Reflections] to most smooth & wet surfaces in-game & are especially prevalent on the first-person weapons & during cutscenes.

Rebalances ALL in game colours and light individually and introduces several individual blooming effects to increase depth & saturation independently.

A series of Sharpening filters are active, each targeting specific elements to ensure ultimate fidelity in all scenarios. 

Emphasis on all textures roughness & detail using a series of processes which work in sync with the new sharpening effects to create the illusion of higher resolution textures.

Lightly Animated HUD Reticule for the potential of increased accuracy and better awareness where your aim is centred.

Some snazzy lens-flares to amplify the explosive action!


Includes a .txt file containing direct links for both the tool to patch 4K Widescreen support into Dredd Vs. Death, originally uploaded to moddb.com in 2016 by TheUnbeholden & the file necessary to run ReShade on this aging title on GitHub (d3d8to9.dll).

Installation Guide:

Pay Close Attention To The Following Instructions

1. Install ReShade to Dredd VS. Death. You will be asked to install a patch to support Direct-X 8 but do not worry, a direct link to the needed file is available in the download in the form of a .txt file! (No more broken Chrome link!)

2. Following downloading them, add the files 'd3d8.dll' & the ReShade Config to the games directory [...\DreddVsDeath]. Replace the files present if it's already there.

3.  Add the files 'judgeDreddPatcher' & 'HDConf' to the Judge Dredd game folder [...\DreddVsDeath] after downloading the patch. The patcher looks for an executable named Dredd.exe and must be placed in the game directory. 

4. Launch the 'judgeDreddPatcher' & install it to 'Dredd.exe'. Following this, make a short-cut of 'HDConf' to wherever you launch your games from. This will be what you need to use to launch the game from now on. Feel free to change the icon & name to Dredd's original one for neatness.

NOTE:  [If you launch the game via other means, the HD Patch will be ignored and you will launch into default Potato resolution!]

5. Set your resolution to your desired ratio, increase the FOV to around 165% or more for anything close to a notable difference, save your changes and launch the game in Windowed Mode.

NOTE: To attempt a launch in full screen gives an error and will prevent the game starting. When launching in Windowed Mode, 'Ok' the pop up about a 'missing patch' and the game will launch in your desired resolution regardless...

Welcome Back To The Big-M, Dredd.

*Updated: 23/02/2022 due to false positives on the patch files, I've re-uploaded & now provided the Patches as links to the original download pages. They are completely safe to use.

*Updated: 14/06/2023 due to crappy direct Chrome links not working... I've re-uploaded & now provided the links to the original download pages within a new .txt file! No changes have been made to the preset itself.