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A collection of custom robes/skins by the leet hackerz of TGC fan forum and Journey Discord Server.

If you wish to request a custom skin, or are yourself a modder who has made custom skins, please DM me on Discord (link below).

Permissions and credits
To install, unzip the skin of your choice to the game's asset folder (... > Journey > Data). It will replace files in two folders: Wads and Textures/bin.

Remember to backup your files first.

Each of the mod's skins replaces the default 3rd-tier White Robe. Thus, only one skin can be loaded in at any time.

Robes are visible only to yourself, not to your companions.

Modding Journey comes with certain risks:

  • Modding games is not an activity that Sony or Epic explicitly condone. TGC forum admin
  • Amish_Gramish had expressed publicly in the forum that he was not opposed to modding. You won't get in trouble with TGC. TGC does NOT represent Sony or Epic, the former of which holds the copyrights.
  • Launching PC Journey directly from the EXE *instead* of through the Epic launcher, and will allow you
  • to explore your work offline.


  1. If someone creates and shares modded files, that person should be given precedence in streaming and/or YouTube publishing.
  2. If someone shares a mod they haven't shown off, ask before streaming or otherwise publishing.
  3. If it's already on the creator's twitchtube channel, and the mod is
  4. shared, it's fair game for further publishing by the rest of us.
  5. Attribution is always appreciated, but not required. This whole process has been very
  6. much a collaboration. None of us are fully responsible for a single
    thing, and trying to attribute everything might get tedious and
  7. Special cases will probably exist for some or all of these, so be thoughtful and courteous.
  8. If you are making mods and aren't ready for others to stream it, then hold
  9. onto it so nobody will be confused about when it's safe to share.

If you wish to request a custom skin, or are yourself a modder who has made custom skins, please DM me on Discord.

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