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In our last article on this project, we covered the milestones that Mod Authors would need to achieve with their Unique Downloads (UDL). Now we are finally following up with what the system will look like and a bit more on how it's going to work. First, a bit of a refresher.

What are we doing?

We can now afford to give mod authors Free Premium. Yay! Mod authors will now be given Free Premium time as direct rewards for their contributions to the site without needing to have opted-in to Donation Points to purchase Premium memberships from the Donation Points Store. Now you can save your Donation Points for other great options like game keys, payouts and charity donations. 

Here is a reminder of the milestones and their various rewards:

  • 1,000 UDL: Free Supporter Membership and Access to Mod Author Discord Servers/Nexus Mods Forum (This is current functionality)
  • 3,000 UDL: Free 1 Month Premium Membership
  • 6,000 UDL: Free 1 Month Premium Membership
  • 9,000 UDL: Free 1 Month Premium Membership
  • 12,000 UDL: Free 1 Month Premium Membership
  • 15,000 UDL: Free 1 Month Premium Membership
  • 18,000 UDL: Free 1 Month Premium Membership
  • 21,000 UDL: Free 1 Month Premium Membership
  • 24,000 UDL: Free 1 Month Premium Membership
  • 27,000 UDL: Free 1 Month Premium Membership
  • 30,000 UDL: Lifetime Premium Membership

As we said in our last article, this Unique Download total will be calculated using our data on all historical mods including hidden, archived and deleted. As soon as we decided to put this in place, we removed the option to purchase Lifetime Premium from the DP store

Some of you will have previously purchased Lifetime Premium, either with hard cash, back before the option was removed in 2021, or with Donation Points. We realise you will be missing out on this benefit, we get that this sucks. We really appreciate your past contributions which have helped us to grow the platform to the point where we can give back to mod authors in this way and for that, we are very thankful. In the future, we hope we may be able to recognise this contribution.

How is this going to work?

Mod authors will now receive Free Premium Memberships based on the milestones achieved. These months of Premium will appear as redeemable options in a new “Rewards” tab on your billing page

If, for example, you have a total of 10,000 Unique Downloads, you will receive the previous 3 milestones of rewards aka, 3 Months of Premium Membership. When you achieve the next milestone of Unique Downloads, you will get another month of membership. Simple!

Things to note:

  • You cannot redeem a reward if you have an active subscription or membership.
  • You can only redeem the rewards one at a time. This is to allow you to have Premium benefits as and when you want to.
  • These Rewards are non-transferable.
  • Once you earn Lifetime, you will need to redeem this as well as it will require you to no longer have an active Premium membership.
  • Once you are a Lifetime Premium member, you will no longer be able to earn Free Premium Membership Rewards as we literally cannot reward you any more than this.

How will I know when I have a reward?

We’ll tell you! The information will come in the form of a notification as well as an email (sorry but you may get several notifications if you already have a high number of UDLs when the system goes live). If, for some reason, you don’t receive either of these, we have added a function to our Discord to tell you your total calculated UDL count and a count has also been added to the new "User Profile" beta. Otherwise, if you think you’ve passed a milestone, but haven't received a notification/email, check your billing page.

Why are we doing this?

We felt that authors being able to purchase Premium using Donation Points was no longer representative of the appreciation we feel for their contributions to our community. Therefore, we decided to implement this change so that mod authors could have Premium as a result of their hard work while also being able to use their Donation Points purely for payouts and game keys.

In addition, the Donation Point membership system was open to abuse as memberships could be bought repeatedly and without limit. This resulted in a sort of 'Donation Points Black Market’ scenario where Donation Point earners could sell Lifetime to other users in exchange for real-life currency, essentially a form of money laundering.

When is it happening?

With the release of this news post, you can expect the system to go live imminently. Keep an eye on our Discord and this news post’s comments to see when exactly it will go live. If you experience any issues, please contact [email protected] or visit our feedback board or the feedback channel on our Discord.

What do you think of this change? Let us know in the comments.


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  1. Happybara
    • Community Manager
    • 73 kudos
    This feature is currently being deployed. You may not see it immediately but it will be rolling out today barring any problems so we appreciate your patience.

    The feature should be fully rolled out as of 7 March! Let us know if you have any issues.
  2. AlienSlof
    • premium
    • 1,944 kudos
    This is a fantastic way to appreciate our hard work, blood, sweat, tears and copius swears! Although I already have lifetime premium (an appreciative mod-user gifted it to me some years back~ as a thank you for her fun gaming) I love to see modders getting something back that truly benefits them.

    Big thumbs up from me!
    1. Happybara
      • Community Manager
      • 73 kudos
      Thanks for the support and your contributions to our site.
    2. ItsKeithme
      • premium
      • 2 kudos
      Still here, Alien,Amazing!
  3. JJerem
    • premium
    • 404 kudos
    Thank you Nexus. :)
  4. Xcom2PsyCHo
    • member
    • 3 kudos
    Either my account was completely missed or I screwed myself by not making 150+ separate voicepack pages. 
    But even if thousands of unique file downloads doesn't count, it says 2000+ unique downloaders so I should've see Supporter on my profile, not just a member, right? 
    1. Dark0ne
      • Site Owner
      • 2,943 kudos
      The Supporter that is given to you as a mod author is "hidden". The way you know if you have been given this is if you can access the mod author forums and whether you see ads on the site. If you don't see ads, you've been given the Supporter membership.
    2. Xcom2PsyCHo
      • member
      • 3 kudos
      Yeah, I can see the author's forum. 
    3. mkh97
      • premium
      • 95 kudos
      I think you will only see Supporter on your profile if you had a Premium membership that expired. I also didn't see it on my profile when I became a mod author. It was only after my 1 month of Premium membership expired that it showed up. But now I am Premium again. Thanks for that.
    4. soupdragon1234
      • premium
      • 294 kudos
      Or pay for supporter directly which is what I did originally
  5. NeoNord
    • supporter
    • 50 kudos
    It is a nice gesture  from Nexus to the people who make Nexus successful. I am not a modder but I have many modders to thank for my continuing enjoyment of the game.  There are a couple of flaws in your system that I hope you will correct. The first you touched upon. There are some who already purchased lifetime premium status. In effect they are being penalized  for their early support of Nexus.  Your statement "this sucks " is correct. Since the  follow up was you  "hope" that  sometime in the future you " may" be able to give them some recompense.  This also sucks.  There is no commitment on your part  to do anything for a condition that you created  that you publicly admit  "sucks". I am not trying to diminish what you are doing but the people you are dumping on are the people who got you this far. You needed to think this through more before jumping into something to make yourselves look better (and admittedly be better) . All that was and is required is a decision on your part of what to do.. You could of course ask the people who are getting dumped on, since you clearly know who they are, what they would like. I suspect many will say money,  that would be predictable. If you are not ready to do that, simply exclude it from what they could choose . But show a bit more care  for those who have supported you  and think this stuff through before you  put it out for the world.  Your heart may be in the right place but you need to engage your brain too.
    1. Vaylentine
      • premium
      • 21 kudos
      It does feel like a gut punch waiting months upon months to collect enough DP to buy Premium, and when you finally get enough points, they decide that a mere 30K downloads is enough actually.
  6. S1nonim
    • supporter
    • 53 kudos
    I'm sorry to post here, but there seems to be some kind of glitch. My games list has changed. It's like I'm seeing someone else's game list, it's not mine.
  7. genovauk
    • supporter
    • 20 kudos
    Oh nice, Thanks guys.
  8. kalxv21122
    • member
    • 3 kudos
    Hello, so I have 1.4k UDLs on my account but I haven't gotten the free supporter you from the first milestone? is this a bug or has it not been implemented yet?
    1. Pickysaurus
      • Community Manager
      • 687 kudos
      You got the first tier reward at 10 Oct 2023, 8:23PM (GMT) :) 
  9. pajonk77
    • premium
    • 4 kudos
    Wow !
    I've earned lifetime premium.

    Thanks a lot !
    1. Happybara
      • Community Manager
      • 73 kudos
      That's your hard work right there. Happy for you :D
    2. Kaliban71
      • premium
      • 34 kudos
      i got mine too
  10. Soroka90
    • premium
    • 212 kudos
    I am very grateful to Nexus for this. Thank you.
  11. brys0nbb
    • premium
    • 84 kudos
    Thank you! I got a notification saying I earned lifetime premium, means a lot <3
    1. Happybara
      • Community Manager
      • 73 kudos
      Congratulations! You earned it.