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This mod fixes Dawn Star s textures, so she will no longer have leg textures on her clothes.

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Either Dawn Star is wearing skins of her enemies, or it's just an unnoticed and unrepaired defect. Of course, I assumed it was a mistake.
And, because I couldn't find patch for this anywhere, I decided to fix it by myself.

This mod simply fixes Dawn Star's textures, so she will no longer have leg textures on her clothes (as seen on images).

EDIT: Or, as it has been pointed out, it might be a golden trim. It still looks too much like a skin for my liking though.


-Copy these two files (n_dawn01.tga & n_dawn01.txi) to game's override folder.
-Remove N_Dawn01.txb file from game's override folder.

If you won't remove N_Dawn01.txb file, game still will be using default textures.


Everything should work fine, however, I have included second folder with backup N_Dawn01.txb file, so in case of unexpected efffects,
you will be able to get back original textures.



-Copy N_Dawn01.txb file from second folder (or your own backup if you made one) to game's override folder.
-Delete these two files (n_dawn01.tga & n_dawn01.txi) from game's override folder.


-JE ERF RIM Editor v0.3.6a (to extract source .txb file from .rim files)
-Txb2Tga (to convert it to .tga)
-Gimp 2.8 (to repair textures)

Most credits should go to the creators of these tools, I simply used them. :P

Reupload this mod whenever and anywhere you want, just remember to credit the guy who spent 5 minutes in gimp for this mod. :)

PS.: Sorry for every mistake in text, English is my second language, and I'm not fluent in it. :)