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Replaces all starting martial styles with weapon styles.

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A mod that replaces all starting martial styles with weapon styles, which is useful for those who wish their characters to be Focus based.

You have Fortune's Favorite, Tang's Vengeance, Golden Star, and Eyes of the Dragon. Normally, Tang's Vengeance and Eyes of the Dragon can only be obtained by completing quests. If you should happen to pick either of those two as your starting style, and still choose to do those quests later, there should be no conflict.

It is recommended that you keep Dawn Star with you in Support mode during the early game whenever possible. Should you run out of focus using weapons, it will switch you to Heavenly Wave, and the only way to damage opponents with support styles is to enhance them with chi strikes. Should you run out of both Focus and Chi, then it will make the fight impossible to finish.

Please make a backup of your stylesuperlist.2da file in your override folder should you wish to uninstall this mod. To install, simply extract the file into your override folder and allow it to overwrite the stylesuperlist.2da already there. To uninstall, copy your backup of the original stylesuperlist.2da file and allow to overwrite the modded one.