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Replaces all the starting martial styles with magic styles.

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This is just a small mod I created that replaces all of the starting martial styles chosen at character creation with magic styles. This is particularly useful for those who like to play as magical characters and wanted to use a magic style from the start.

You have Dire Flame, Ice Shard, Stone Immortal, and Tempest. I would suggest that, if choosing either Stone Immortal or Tempest as your starting style, to pick the style that resonates with the opposite philosophy you intend your character to follow. For example, Tempest resonates best with Closed Fist characters (does more damage), so if you plan on playing as an Open Palm character, choose this. I say this because this mod in no way replaces the small quest at Tien's Landing where you meet Mistress Vo and Jian the Iron Fist and must impress one of them with your devotion to either the "high" or "low" paths. It therefore simply makes sense to pick the style that is opposite your alignment in the beginning and then learn the one that meshes with your alignment in the quest.

Be warned that the beginning of the game can be very difficult until you learn a new martial style or gain your first weapon style. It is highly recommended that you select the Custom option during character creation and put all of your points into chi. If you do not defeat all of your enemies in an encounter before your chi runs out, and you have no chi powerups on the battlefield to grab or some other way to restore your chi, then the game will automatically switch you to another style. Since you would only have Heavenly Wave at that point, it will switch to that, making it impossible to finish a fight, as the only way to damage opponents with support styles is to enhance their strikes with chi (of which you would have none at that point). The only way to finish a fight in that instance is to hope that Dawn Star finishes them off or, if she's in Support mode, avoid your enemies until your chi has sufficiently replenished. In fact, my recommendation for early game (at least until you have the opportunity to learn a martial style) is to have Dawn Star with you in Support mode at all times. On those occasions when Dawn Star is not with you (when she's kidnapped by Gao or you choose to have Sagacious Zu with you), make sure every strike connects and that you do not waste any chi. If Zu is with you, try to allow him to damage your enemies as much as possible so you don't have to use so much of your chi.

Before installing this mod, make sure to back up your stylesuperlist.2da file in your override folder, in case you wish to uninstall the mod later. To install, all you have to do is extract this file into your override folder and allow it to overwrite the stylesuperlist.2da that's present. To uninstall, simply copy your backup of the stylesuperlist.2da back into the override and allow it to overwrite the modded file.