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Adds 5 styles,Level Faster, Remove Fog of war, Replace demon staff with Tiens Justice from Xbox LE. The files are seperate so you can pick and choose what to use

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This is a small mod pack for Jade Empire Special Edition. To enable any of
these mods, copy the files from the appropriate folder to the \override
folder in your main Jade Empire installation folder (by default, this is
C:\Program Files\Jade Empire).

To disable any of these mods, copy the
corresponding files from the "original files" folder to your \override
folder. These mods have been tested for a few hours of playing time,
but not completely vetted throughout the entire game.


\extra styles
 Adds five combat styles to your character after the training bout with
 Jing Woo. You must start a new game to gain the additional styles. The
 styles added are:
 * Rhino Demon (Trans): Rhino Demon transformation as added by the pre-order "bonus" CD
 * Monkey Paw (Martial): strong and fast Martial style
 * Saber (Weapon): single broadsword like the pirates use, equivalent to longsword
 * Two Hammers (Weapon): two spiked maces, strong and slow
 * Death's Hand (Weapon): two black-bladed broadswords as used by DH; style consumes
   no Focus and can damage spirits; HUGE Power Attack that covers a lot of distance;
   originally you could only upgrade Damage--added Chi Damage and Speed upgrades; but,
   these have not been tested

\level faster
 Reduces the experience points needed to achieve each level. You will
 level up faster and top out at a higher level.

\reveal map
 Removes the "fog of war" that obscures the maps in each area.

\tiens justice
 Replaces the Demon Staff model with Tien's Justice model (the spade
 staff originally used in the Limited Edition of JE on the Xbox). All
 the stats are the same, you just get a different staff model, name
 and description. You'll find the Demon Staff/Tien's Justice in a
 pile of bones near the Unfinished Tomb in Necropolis.

These mods do not conflict with each other; however, they may conflict
with mods released by others.

2007-04-21 Barry Scott "PapaGamer" Will