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Adds 4 Style , a weapon , and some minor changes to original styles/weapon

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**Not my work, attempting to preserve some of the quickly vanishing mods from jade empire before they are all gone**

 Rainbow modification
1. Extract rainbow, open rainbow.
2. Copy 'overide' and 'dialog.tlk' to the folder where Jade Empire is installed.
eg. c:\progarm files\Jade empire

*Replace the files when asked by computer. If no question is asked then you are putting files in the wrong place.
If you want to test and see what these styles are then, after installing.
*Copy the file 'ar_town' from 'test' folder to the 'overide' directory in the main game folder.
*Start new game complete the starting fight and you will get all the styles.
*After you have done testing copy 'ar_town' from folder 'file' to 'override' folder in the main game folder.

NOTE- Make a backup of 'dialog.tlk' and 'override' from the main game folder before installing.

*This mod is made to have a balanced gameplay experience in Grand Master mode.
*Be sure to replace the 'ar_town' file with the 'ar_town' file in the 'file' folder if you tried to test the styles in start.
*This is my first and probbaly the last mod of Jade empire. Any problems can be directed to the emails in the end.
1.This adds Rhino Style in game. You get rhino style when you defeat four students in sparring.
 Talk to smiling mountain in the school in start of game for sparring options.
2. Drunken Bunny style. This style has the fastest attack and the lowest damage in game.
 Its common attack is good but area attack is very bad, power attack is also low.
 To get Drunken Bunny you must either destroy the lion statue altar in the master li's room
 or solve the whole puzzle in the best way.
3. Brawler Style [leopard fist]. You will get this style when you talk to blacksmith in town.
4. Moon Light weapon. You will get this on the pirate island of gao the greater.
 In a box of, secret and most easily found tresure room with elephant demon.
5. Elephant demon style. Kill elephant demon in the treasure room.
6. Improves the power attack damage of thousandcuts style.
7. This mod reduces the damage of Mirabele [gun]- very minor hitpoint damage reduction.
   Reduces the chi cost of use. This gun cant be used from point blank range now.
8. Improves range of staff [minor]. Improves damage of staffs.
9. Legendary Strike has improved power damge and improved last combo kick but lower damage middle strike kick.
Jade Empire and all its related products are copyright of Bioware, 2k games and other related companies.

 This project is assembled by Bhism as a new year 2009 gift to all.

*the elephant and moon light mod were made by - Sekan/The fun side. Email:[email protected]
*Brawler style {leopard fist} was originally made by some carmaelboy and remade by some John. Email:- [email protected]
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