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My old Jen Zi & Ling retextures, plus bonus tweak to Sky's face.

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Well well. I decided to replay JE again and discovered it has a Nexus site! And since I still get notifications like 2-3 times a week of people downloading these old textures I posted to a Lucasforums thread years ago, I thought I might as well upload them to somewhere more accessible.

The textures include: face retextures for Radiant Jen Zi and Scholar Ling (less makeup, new lips and eyebrows, blue eyes, general tweaking, Ling gets fancier hair pins and less blue hair), a darker, desaturated outfit for Ling (already included in the game files but never used AFAIK) and a little tweak to Sky's eyebrows I believe, nothing major.

Changes to the original upload: I updated Ling's outfit to use a higher res version I found in the override directory, so it's not quite as blurry. I also included brown-eyed versions of Jen Zi & Ling, just for personal preference.

To install, unzip the .tga and .txi files into your override directory and move any .txb files with the same name (e.g. p_ling01.txb) from override (you can restore them if you wish to uninstall).