The New Blur Setting for Adult Content is Here

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We've added a new option to your Content Blocking settings which enables adult content but blurs out the tiles and images by default. 

It's fair to say this is a feature a lot of users really wanted for browsing the website and it has been the most upvoted suggestion on the feedback board since we opened it earlier in the year. 

This new feature will show adult mods and media in search results and on the listing pages (e.g. the game homepage with the Hot Files) but the images will have a blur applied to them. Each individual image can be revealed by clicking the "Show" button that appears when hovering over it. 

We think this is a great addition for users who browse the site in public places and don't want to be surprised by adult content popping up on their screens. This is also very handy for content creators on YouTube/Twitch who often stream their screens as they browse Nexus Mods - no more risk of being accidentally demonetised by a rogue mod image!

To enable this new option, simply head to your Content Blocking settings in your Site Preferences and enable the "Blur Adult Images" option at the top of the page (the option only appears if you have turned adult content on).

This preference works on Mods, Images, Supporter Images and Videos across the site but currently does not carry over to Collections. Collection pages already show a red badge on the listing and search pages when the page contains adult content, but the images on the collection pages themselves will not be blurred. 


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  1. Demorphic
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    Update to fix known issues:

    • Mods in the quick search (The search that drops down as you start typing) will now respect your preference. If 'Blur adult images' = Yes, then Quick Search images will be blurred. If 'Blur adult images' = No, then Quick Search images will not be blurred.
    • Mods in the download history will now also respect your preference.
    • Zooming in on images is working correctly. 
  2. hilo558
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    Thank you for this.
  3. tedbash
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    Should have closed the comment section right ahead here. Was easy to predict
  4. OrionLion
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    Whoa whoa whoa, the Nexus is a free place, there is no need for such blurring.
    1. strykerryo
      • supporter
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      If it's a free place then people should have the option to what they do and don't want to see. It's an option.
    2. imridamradursul
      • member
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      There absolutely is. I am tired of being flashed with coomer mods
    3. person28554
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      yeah but what if you dont live alone or are in a public place and dont want titties on your screen every 5 seconds because you accidentally clicked on most downloaded mods
  5. XiiNyth
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    this will be handy for any game with a female protagonist
    1. Brazmann
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      thats bizarre
  6. Painshadow
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    Elon Musk should buy your site and name it "When Nood Mods?"
  7. BenCoffee
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    Ahhh... throwback to that one time a few months ago where a butthole mod was right in your face on the SSE front page...

    But yes, finally.. it is so good to have this feature now! Thank you Nexus.
  8. UnclePips
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    • 7 kudos
    Why haven't I ever used the other settings...

    Thank God for now I don't need to see horny, brony or anime content anymore
  9. pokeYoLoco
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    can we hope to see starfield support soon?
  10. MasterKingly
    • supporter
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    Sweet. Now it’ll be much easier to find!
  11. MarionModder
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    This change is very much appreciated, however I would say it could be perfected. Mainly, my issue is that it has no degree of customization and just blurs every single mod that has any tag considered "adult content", including mods tagged with stuff like "swearing/profanity".

    Now, I personally wouldn't consider swearing/profanity as adult content, but I can see how that would be up to debate, but that's the exact point. It's debatable, but there is no option to adjust it to one's preferences.

    I think a better implementation would be either to A) let people apply the blur to individual tags, or B) let people choose which tags fall under the adult content bracket for their profile.
    I'm not sure if it wasn't made because of technical restraints, but it were possible to make it like this, it would be much appreciated.