Into the Breach
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Pilotable Secret Squad. Cheaper Mini-Tanks. Cheaper Silica.

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- Pilotable Secret Squad
- Cheaper Mini-Tanks
- Cheaper Silica


The Secret "Techno-Vek" Squad was so restrictive it was boring. 
Now they take any Pilot. And class changed to Prime, Brute, Ranged.
Being no longer "Cyborg" makes them as playable and versatile as any other Squad.

Changes to Mini-Tanks + Silica are based on AE's Power cost reductions.
There's nothing left in the game costing 2 Power to begin with anymore. 

You might argue cheaper Mini-Tanks are OP (especially with Conservative). 
Or that Silica's "Double Shot" is too good now. But you gotta remember...
Wind Torrent and Ice Generator still exist. And they are completely out of whack!

Besides, there's tons of broken combos in the game already:
- Bethany's "Starting Shield" prevents self-freezing (e.g. Frozen Titans).
- Abe's "Armored" negates self-damage and trivializes blocking Vek (e.g. Hazardous Mechs, Zenith Guard).
- Archimedes' "Fire-and-Forget" shines in teleport situations, and only costs 1 Power (e.g. Swap Mech).
- Camila's "Evasion" laughs at Leapers, Scorpions, and Mosquitos. And it costs no Power?! 
- Mafan's "Zoltan" is just so incredibly OP it's silly. Also costs no Power. Like, seriously?!

So instead of nerfing stuff, I brought a couple things up to AE's standards.

PS: Unfortunately, +3 Grid Defense is hardcoded.