Into the Breach
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Play as Kamina.

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Replaces Henry Kwan with Kamina from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.  Character dialogue is unchanged.


Download FTL UnPacker and follow the instructions* in this video:

*At 1:25, copy all three PNG files from this mod to the unpacked "pilots" folder, then skip to 1:40 and continue following instructions.

FTL UnPacker available here:

Note: If you want to replace a different character with Kamina, change "Pilot_Hotshot" in each filename to the debug name of the desired character before installation.

e.g.  To instead replace Ralph Karlsson with Kamina, rename "Pilot_Hotshot.png", "Pilot_Hotshot_2.png" and "Pilot_Hotshot_blink.png" to "Pilot_Original.png", "Pilot_Original_2.png" and "Pilot_Original_blink.png", respectively.

Debug name of each character can be found here: