Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen Nexus Site Launched!

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Dragon’s Dogma, originally released on consoles back in late 2012, is an action-heavy, party-based RPG that has a compelling visual style and solid combat mechanics that won the praise of many players and reviewers, despite its apparent flaws. The game was later re-released with the sub-title “Dark Arisen”, which includes all previously released add-ons. This fully-realized version has finally made it’s way to PC so we’ve launched the new Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen Nexus Site!

As always, this Nexus Site includes file/image/video repositories, as well as new forums to discuss the playing and modding the game.

Though Capcom will likely not support the game with any official mod tools, the game itself is based on MT Framework 2.0, which is known to be open to community driven modification in other titles (Resident Evil, Lost Planet). As a result, there are a few mods available already!

Epic story, solid mechanics, dragons, and the potential for modding? Color me interested!

So what do you guys think? Let us know if you’ve spent any time with the game or have any experience with other MT Framework mods over at the new forums. See you there!

For more information about the game, visit the official Dragon’s Dogma homepage:


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  1. Thandal
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    Ok, so now that the site is active, let's take the Dragon's Dogma discussions to the appropriate forum, shall we?
  2. chypres89
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    Hope to see alot of cool mods! i love this game and it deserves much atention and love.
  3. elr0y7
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    Awesome, love this game, and was hoping a modding community would grow around it! It's a great game btw, if anyone's wondering. The story isn't anything groundbreaking, but the combat and world mechanics are top-notch. There are a wide range of abilities and attacks that make each class of character feel unique, and enemies have unique tactics and resistances which makes the combat very dynamic. You really feel that you can dig your fingers into the world, as the character.
  4. numeriku
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    The wind is pushing meee~
  5. vicioussarr
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    I played this game on Xbox... love it! It had been recommended as an equivalent to Skyrim. Although not exactly like Skyrim, it definitely has some of the same feeling. I'd be so thrilled to see mods for this game. It's my second favourite, to Skyrim of course.
  6. linhaitao
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    Maybe it's good.
  7. Jinxxed0
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    It'd be awesome if mods like, being able to make more pawns were possible. Like, instead of making one pawn and "downloading' other people's pawns and just making 3 pawns yourself. These games tend to just get reskins it seems
  8. iiBfresher
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    its a real good game been playing it alday and night happy to see mods already out for it as well
  9. Cavalier753
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    WHAT? They released it for PC? Man, I used to love playing DD on the Xbox 360. That game was so awesome! And I never even got to experience any form of online interaction with that game, as I got it long after the servers were shut down.

    If I wasn't so poor right now, I think you can guess the first thing I'd buy.