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Increase the inventory space for all items.

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I feel that the immersion is broken every time I search a destroyed enemy and my inventory is full and I have to make a quick
trip to the nearest seller or take items down at a low price.

Gather a lot more resources before stopping to sell or having to dismount halfway. Buy items without worrying about the space available.

This is a simple mod that increases the inventory spaces, according to the images.

To install the mod, extract the contents of the .rar file and copy into
the "Packed_DX12" folder located inside the main game directory (ex.:
Steam / steamapps / common / Horizon Zero Dawn).

To uninstall the mod, simply delete the file or remove it from the "Packed_DX12" folder.

Increase the ammo space for all items.

I really always wanted to be able to carry more craft materials, ammo, more potions to ensure longer survival and to be able to do a lot more traps.

This mod solves all that!

More shooting time. Fewer refills. Flamethrower and ice jet last much longer. Ample stock of arrows. Accumulate lots of healing potions!

NOTE: The values of the images refer to the fully updated resource exchanges.
If you do not perform upgrades you will not have higher values. The
mechanics of the game remain.