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This mod allows you to play as many secondary characters from Horizon Zero Dawn, with full facial animations!

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Here's a list of all the replaced outfits and for which character:

Banuk Ice Hunter Light = Talanah
Banuk Ice Hunter Medium = Sylens (No Hood)
Banuk Sickness Eater Heavy = Helis (No Mask)
Banuk Sickness Eater Light = Olin
Banuk Sickness Eater Medium = Rost (Young)
Carja Blazon Light = Sona
Carja Silks Light = Teersa
Nora Protector Heavy = Gaia
Nora Protector Light = Ikrie
Nora Protector Medium = Brin
Nora Silent Hunter Light = Lansra
Nora Silent Hunter Medium = Bast
Nora Survivor Light = Vanasha (Shadow Carja)
Nora Survivor Medium = Vala
Nora Survivor Heavy = Varga
Shield-Weaver = Elizabeth Sobeck

To install the mod, extract the content from the .7z file and copy "Patch_ModelSwaps" inside the "Packed_DX12" folder located inside the main directory of the game (ex. Steam/steamapps/common/Horizon Zero Dawn). To uninstall the mod, simply delete the file or remove it from the "Packed_DX12" folder


The game will crash everytime the game is forced to swap Aloy's Undergarments with one of the outfits which are replaced with model swaps. This happens when Aloy gets her clothes back in the Sacred Mountain and in the final mission of the game, when the game cuts to a cutscene after Aloy wakes up. To avoid this, you will just need to make sure to wear one of Aloy's outfits and NOT one of the model swaps before Aloy wears the Undergarments.

Many thanks to AkiniKites for his Aloy's Adjustments Tool to make this possible. The tool allows you to swap any of Aloy's outfits with an NPC or other outfits. You can try it yourself if you want to play as even more characters or swap Aloy's armors with other ones. Download it here: https://github.com/AkiniKites/AloysAdjustments/releases/tag/1.6.3

This mod also includes a skip for the intro logos.