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Reshape and retexture of Aloy's face

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Aloy's face now has thinner nose and cheeks, and freckles are gone.

I present to you the very first mesh/texture mod for Horizon Zero Dawn,
meaning it's not quite user friendly to install yet. (It is now, thanks to EtsuRiot)


0- Unzip the .zip. You'll find 4 .bin files.

1- Place the .bin files in HorizonZeroDawn/Packed_DX12

If you don't want the skin textures, don't use the Texture bins.

(you can uninstall by removing the files from there)

Old method:
For the Texture edit:

Backup your Initial.bin file! It's impossible to uninstall this part of the mod.
You'll have to delete the 16gb Initial.bin file to uninstall (and redownload it). 
I do not know of any better way for now, hopefully I find a solution in the future.

So if you don't want to redownload create a copy and rename it Initial.bak
or move the copy to another folder.

1- Download Decima Explorer GUI Repack by Jayveer (Direct Download)

1.2- the Repack.exe needs to be in the same folder as oo2core_3_win64.dll
Either you install it in the game's directory,
or you copy the oo2core_3 to wherever you installed the repacker.

2- Launch DecimaExplorer-GUI-Repack.exe

3- Click Browse and navigate to the AloyFaceMod folder you unzipped
(you should see the "models" folder)

4- The program will display the .core and .stream files
(make sure the paths start with models/characters/...)

5- Select all of the .core and .stream files
(Don't select the .bin file if it's still there)

6- Click the Pack button

7- Navigate to where HZD is installed under Packed_DX12

8- Select Initial.bin and click Open
(This is the point of no return, better have made that backup)

9- Your Initial.bin file is now modified and the texture should appear in-game.

10- Enjoy!