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This is how Aloy should have looked in my opinion.

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Sorry for the English.
This is how Aloy should have looked in my opinion.
Maybe I'm wrong.
Let's update the game and see how it goes.
All textures and makeup are left at default.

- Updated images
- At the request and comments (that Aloy looks too doll-like), I added 2 presets with smaller eyes and a more slim face.
- Added Big Eyes version (request)

Installation as usual - unzip and copy the .bin file to the  "Packed_DX12" folder.
Please, install ONLY ONE preset at a time.
Not compatible with mods that change the head (Face-rework, piercing)
Compatible with all face retexture mods, makeup mods, hair, eyebrows, eyes.

Write your wishes, comments and opinions, post your game video and screensshots, endorse.
This helps me to understand the need for further work.

My best regards and all credits to:
Horizon: Zero Down Mods Discord Channel
AlexPO (aka  AlexPo21)  for awesome HZDMeshTools 
Pained (aka HardcoreHobbyist) for timely assistance in working on the mod
ShadelessFox for Decima Workshop 
torandi for HZDTextureExplorer

If you want to help me make and upload the new mods