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About this mod

Commonly requested gameplay tweaks and improvements in a configurable DLL form. This mod also adds support for spawning enemies, changing weathers, editing entity components, and enabling cheat options.

Permissions and credits
Horizon Zero Dawn's December 2021 patch (version 1.11) or newer is required. Please post any issues in the comments.
Most patches were created with my gameplay in mind and more suggestions are welcome.


1. Extract the .zip contents to your game root folder. winhttp.dll should be in the same folder as HorizonZeroDawn.exe, along with mod_config.toml.
2. Edit any settings in mod_config.toml with a text editor to your heart's desire.
3. Launch your game.
4. Play.

1. Delete winhttp.dll and mod_config.toml in your game root folder.


Basic feature list/rundown

Menu options:
  • Entity spawning
  • Weather editing
  • Player entity editing (inventory, faction, coordinates, components)
  • Player camera entity editing (coordinates, components)
  • Timescale & time of day settings
  • Cheats (freecam, noclip, infinite ammo, ...)
  • Quicksaves enabled through the "Saves" menu
  • Access to game debug settings and logs

Available patches:
  • Intro logo skip
  • Allow unlocking NewGame+ extras without completing all difficulties
  • Allow unlocking preorder entitlements
  • Allow setting a custom aspect ratio for cutscenes
  • Allow the player to explore outside of the map boundaries
  • Increase inventory space/item limits (10X)
  • Increase all weapon ammo and potion limits
  • Remove ingredient requirements for all crafting recipes (infinite resources/ingredients)
  • Remove perk point requirements for unlocking skills (infinite perk points)
  • Adjust player damage dealt & player damage received multipliers
  • Allow horse mounts in all areas
  • Remove the automatic slowdown while riding a horse
  • Allow sprinting and mounting horses with all weapons, including heavy pickups
  • Unlock photo mode camera panning controls
  • Remove depth of field near camera blur
  • Remove the vignette postprocessing effect
  • Remove all camera magnetism
  • Remove ambient looping sound effects on the Shield Weaver armor
  • Remove the shield overlay on the Shield Weaver armor
  • Remove the movement penalty when Aloy's focus is open
  • Combine all inventory resource stacks into single entries
  • Remove the pick-up animation when collecting resources
  • Change the length of ingame days
  • Increase the time between weather transitions
  • Dramatically increase the spawn rate for birds, fish, and mammals
  • Hide Aloy's dynamic hair to prevent clipping with custom outfits

Most things are self-explanatory. However, there a few caveats and hidden controls:
  • The main menu can be toggled with the ~ (tilde) key by default.
  • The game will crash when spawning too much AI or using certain scripted spawn setups.
  • The freefly camera and noclip use WASD keys for controls. Shift will increase your speed and control will decrease your speed.
  • The freefly camera orientation can be controlled by dragging with the right mouse button. Noclip will use your character's heading angle.
  • DO NOT enable noclip with anything that can trigger loading screens. This includes fast travel and save games. You'll end up in an infinite loop.
  • Inventory items (coil percentages, weave percentages, item counts) can be edited by changing the components listed in a HumanoidInventory instance. I'll write a guide on it later.

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