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An independent program that helps you keep track of your progress through the various content of the Godmaster DLC.

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This is a small, independent program that runs outside of Hollow Knight. There isn't any installation necessary. You only have to run the executable inside of the distribution folder. (Moving it will break the images.)

This program does the following:
* Tracks your attempts in each pantheon, calculating your success rate against each boss
* Tracks your progress through the Hall of Gods
* Supports loading and saving your data

For pantheons, first select the pantheon that you are attempting. Each time you die, select the god who ended your run. The code will update the rest of the data. Clicking on Display Stats will show your attempts, successes, and success rate for each boss in the pantheon.

Clicking on Hall of Gods will open a new window from which you can view and update your completion for each boss.

You can load and save your data as .txt files. They are in a human readable format so you can view them outside of running the program, but please do not edit them. Changing the data may result in problems importing it back into the program. Upon loading data, you will be asked whether you would like to overwrite or keep the data stored in the program. Keeping the data will add your recorded attempts to the data that you're importing whereas overwriting the data will toss any data currently stored in the program. Importantly, Hall of Gods does not support adding data on top of itself, so choosing to integrate data will simply ignore the Hall of Gods data that is stored in the imported text file.

That's it! It's a small but useful tool for making your way through the Godmaster DLC.

Github (with full source code): https://github.com/chocolatevanille/GodmasterHelper