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Removes the most annoying and repetitive voicelines from the player, floo lady and deeks during exploration, combat or flying.

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Here is a list of all the removed voice-lines (applies to all languages):



Highwing!   go!
Faster, Highwing!
Away, Highwing! Away!
Let's go! Come on, Highwing!
Good girl, Highwing.
You're a loyal girl, Highwing.
Time to go a little quicker.
You certainly are a magnificent beast.
Glad I have you here.
What say we pick up the pace a bit?
Here we go.
Slow down, now. There we go.
No need to race now, my friend.
Time for a jaunt, I'd say.
How about some sightseeing?
Ah, there you are.
We make a grand pair, Highwing.
There's a friendly face.
No need to be difficult. I mean you no harm.
Oh no you don't.
Now, now. I'm only trying to help.
Do cooperate, won't you?
That wasn't so difficult.
If only Professor Fig could have seen that.
Shame I didn't have an audience for that one.
That solves that.
That wasn't too hard.
Professor Howin will never believe this.
I'll look after you.
Settle yourself. I mean you no harm.
Everything's all right now.
There, there. I'm not going to hurt you.
The beasts are safer now.
The beasts around here can sleep a bit easier now.
Your poaching days are over.
It's shameful what you've done to helpless beasts.
One less poacher in the wizarding world.
You only have Ranrok to blame.
Ranrok has fooled you all, to your demise.
Your blood's on Ranrok's hands.
Too late for you to learn the error of your ways.
Eight legs is simply too many.
Ugh. Shame you're so foul.
Not my fault you're a deadly great spider.
Cursed fiends.
There's a victory that came none too soon. Ugh.
Rest easy, my large friend.
One less foul hulking brute.
Should think they felt that in London.
That was a close one.
Now here's a welcoming sight.
I hope I look this good when I'm nine hundred years old.
<refreshing breath>And the whole world awaits.
Where to next?
I'll be back here soon enough.
Who'd think an enormous castle could feel like home?
Back to Hogwarts. <mildly amused>Wonder if they've missed me?
Never thought I'd feel so comforted to see this place.
This place stinks of Ranrok and his cronies.
There could be goblin Loyalists in here.
Wonder if Ranrok and his crew are in there?
Could be some of Ranrok's Loyalists in there. Best be careful.
This mine could be hiding a secret   Ranrok and his Loyalists.
Mine now, Demiguise.
What do we have here? A Demiguise.
Here's one of those tables Professor Shah mentioned.
Knowing Amit, he's likely studied here.
An Astronomy Table. Should prove useful once the sun's down.
Likely this Astronomy Table will be best used when it's dark.
Perhaps not the best place to be caught alone.
This looks like trouble.
Goodness. Not a party to attend by myself.
I don't like the looks of that encampment.
Trouble's brewing, and I'm without my friends.
Hm. Not the best place for an unaccompanied student.
Glad I was never locked up here.
What went on here, I wonder?
Stone walls do a prison make, sometimes.
Now here's a sad looking place.
This castle's hiding all sorts of secrets.
There's no telling what lies in wait for me in there.
Wonder if I'm safe to explore in there.
Mysterious and a bit unsettling. What to do?
Looks rather dark in there. Never stopped me before.
Who lived here, I wonder?
Abandoned long ago no doubt.
This place has seen better days.
A castle. Must have been quite stately in its time.
These rocks have seen better days.
Could it be? A Merlin Trial?
I know a Merlin Trial when I see one.
Oho, here's a pleasant surprise.
Let's see what's up your sleeve this time, Merlin.
I know what that means. Merlin Trial.
What do you have in store for me this time?
Hm. Seems a pleasant enough little place.
Wonder who lives here?
Not sure how I'd fare in a little place like this.
It's like a place right out of a story book.
Seems I'm ill-prepared.
Hm. Out of Wiggenweld Potions.
Never good to be caught with no Wiggenweld Potion.
Ugh. Empty.
Professor Sharp'll never let me live this down.
Nothing to identify, for now at least.
This will be more useful when I have something to identify.
I don't have anything for this at the moment.
This looks intriguing.
I should investigate.
This could prove dangerous if I'm not careful.
Nobody'll believe I defeated an Ashwinder by myself.
<sighing>And no one to share in my victory.
Wait till Sebastian hears about this. An Ashwinder.
I did it. And an Ashwinder, no less.
Shame nobody saw that.
Sometimes it seems all roads lead to Hogsmeade.
Hogsmeade, here I come.
Does it get any more cosy than Hogsmeade?
Merlin himself would be proud.
These Merlin Trials won't get the best of me.
That's that   settled.
Not so tricky after all, Merlin.
Not quite ready yet.
Seems I'll need to wait.
Hm. Too soon for that it seems.
<huff>I need to wait.
Hm. Hopefully not much longer.
That's all for now. Don't go too far.
I'll see you again soon enough, I'm sure.
Mind yourself while I'm gone.
You can have a rest now.
Wow! Now to see things from above for a bit.
This will be a welcome change.
Nothing like a broom to feel free.
Down to earth again.
That's all the flying for now.
And to think Muggles only use these for sweeping.
No flying here, I see.
Wait till the birds hear about the flying ban.
No use trying to fly here.
Not the best idea to fly around here.
Time to change course.
I'll need to dismount if I keep going that way.
No flying allowed here.
This is no place for flying.
Seems I can't fly here. Wonder whose decision that was.
What could this be?
Here's an odd find.
Hm, what's this?
Whatever this is, it may prove useful.
This might be something to keep.
I know a den of beasts when I smell one.
Here's hoping the residents aren't too ferocious.
Hopefully they've had a good meal.
Ah, my very own Room of Requirement.
What do I require this time, o wondrous space?
Who says wishes don't come true.
The most magical place in all of Hogwarts.
Time to see what new secrets await.
What a wonderful place.
Simply marvellous.
Who could wish to see anything more incredible.
I've run out of plants. Curses.
Not a single plant to my name.
It would have been nice to have some plants on hand    but I have nothing.
Here's a lost page.
My Field Guide's going to be glad to see this.
Another page.
The Field Guide's getting a bit more complete.
One page at a time.
I know what this is. A page for my Field Guide.
And one for you, Professor Weasley.
I'll put you back where you belong. In my Field Guide.
Another page for my Field Guide. Brilliant.
That's no ordinary sheet of paper.
Here's a page that's come out of my Field Guide.
You'll be back in my Field Guide in no time.
One more page for my Field Guide. Very good.
You're not lost any more, little page.
Into my Field Guide with you.
I know just where to put you. In my Field Guide.
It's not a complete guide without you.
My collection of Field Guide pages is coming along.
A page. To my Field Guide.
I've found another page for my Field Guide.
A flying key!
Is that one of those keys?
I see you, little flying key.
Excellent. Shan't mention this to the prefects.
That house chest will be open in no time.
I know where this goes. The house chest.
Ruins. What mysteries lie beyond your walls, I wonder?
How old must those ruins be?
Whoever built you didn't account for weather.
I suppose that's off limits.

Floo-powder lady:

Please don't forget to use the Floo Flames. I invented Floo powder for a reason, you know.
Always good to see you.
Good morning. <beat>If you prefer a good evening, I can make that happen.
I've always said that travel broadens the mind.
How nice to see you, my young friend.
Handy resource indeed, your Field Guide. I'm most pleased to be included.
You can't imagine how inconvenient travel was before I invented Floo powder.
Off on another adventure, are we?
What are you up to now?
This looks intriguing.
I do hope you enjoyed your journey.
Lovely to see you here.
There you are.
There you are.
Glad to see you making good use of my Floo Flames.
How nice to see you here. (sigh) Isn't the sea air refreshing?
Ah! It's a new day.
Things are much clearer in the daylight, I always say.
I can never get enough of the castle.
I adore the hustle and bustle of Central Hall.
How lovely to hear the bells ringing at Hogwarts again. So pleased someone took the time to restore them.


Deek thinks you should be proud of all the potions you've brewed.
Oh dear. Deek thinks perhaps you didn't know Deek was near.

I hope I didn't miss anything. If you think I did, please let me know.

The floo lady and deeks will still talk occasionally. Only the most repetitive voice-lines were removed. If you want them to completly shut it then look for "Silencio" mods. They can even be used together.

How to install:

  • Download and unzip the main file
  • Copy the file silence_p.pak to ...\Hogwarts Legacy\Phoenix\Content\Paks\~mods

How to uninstall:

  • Remove the file silence_p.pak from ...\Hogwarts Legacy\Phoenix\Content\Paks\~mods